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  1. Content discovery improvements for Pages app

    Perfect, thank you! Although, what if I want to have multiple Database Relationship fields, they would use the same template, right?
  2. Content discovery improvements for Pages app

    By the way, you said you haven't used the field in 4.1 yet, but do you by any chance know how to customize the way it's displayed? For example, show the record image of the linked record?
  3. Content discovery improvements for Pages app

    I think that I'll just report it as a bug because it doesn't make sense at all to only be able to select from a different database. Thanks for letting me know!
  4. Content discovery improvements for Pages app

    Are you sure? I just tried creating a field and I can only select a different database.
  5. It's clear that you guys have been working on making it easier to discover content, but the Pages app still lacks a lot of opportunities that systems like WordPress have. I receive a lot of traffic from posts going viral on social media and the problem is that people tend to leave my site after they're done reading the post, instead of exploring more similar posts.  Here's what I would love IPS to add to improve that: Widgets relative to category Let's say I run an Entertainment website and I have all my posts divided into categories such as "Quiz", "Video" or "Music". When somebody visits a Quiz page on my site, they are obviously likely to be interested in more quizzes, so I would like to display a widget that would pull other articles from the category "Quiz." And similarly, when somebody is viewing a Video post, I want the widget to show other posts from the "Video" category.  Next Up It should be possible to create a link to the next article. There's already a "Go to next unread article" link, but it's almost useless because it's only shown to registered members. Related article There should be an option to create a custom record field which would allow you to select another record (which you think is related to the one you're posting) that would then display on the article page. Here's an example, you can see a link to a related post right under the picture.   Thank you. @Lindy
  6. Hello, I just stumbled upon a problem that each category requires a unique FURL.  What I want to do is arrange my records by categories, and then divide those categories by year using child categories And the my URLS would look like, for example etc. and etc. Except it isn't possible because I can only have one category with the FURL "2015", "2014" etc. So my URLs would have to look like this, which isn't very pretty: etc. Can this be changed please?
  7. Activity Stream: make condensed view default?

    Another reason to add this option: turns out status updates are always parsed in full, with images, videos etc. This is what a non-condensed stream looks like with just one photo and one video... Please consider this @Lindy
  8. The thing is, there won't be a significant dislike for such behavior because it only applies to large communities where no matter what topic you're viewing, it's likely to receive more replies after you've read it. For example, it is not as noticeable on this site because due to its nature, most topics don't get past 3-5 replies.  But for sites like mine this behavior spoils the whole browser notification feature.
  9. Thanks for the contribution to the topic @Makoto but for me the number of tabs open isn't even the problem.  @Lindy The issue is that, as I stated above, those notifications are being sent without my consent, and simply based on the fact that I happened to leave the tab open. I know it's not as noticeable on this site, but on my community which is a bit more active and every topic is guaranteed to receive at least 3-5 responses within the first couple of minutes its created, it can be really, really annoying. 
  10. Could you please address this @Lindy ? I upgraded to 4.1 last week and a lot of my members are asking me why they are bombarded with notifications for content they never followed or posted in.
  11. Activity Stream: make condensed view default?

    Bump.  It wouldn't be too hard to make a setting "Default view: - condensed - expanded" in the streams settings.
  12. Disable content embedding

    Please do add this.