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  1. IdentityMind - Leader in Anti-Fraud Technology

    Depends on your monthly transaction volume, they quote it for you.
  2. IdentityMind - Leader in Anti-Fraud Technology

    You can call them and ask them for that info at: Tel: 650-618-9977 Cali Time. or email them at:
  3. IdentityMind - Leader in Anti-Fraud Technology

    For example, they have a database from companies which gather information on credit card chargebacks etc. They then create a map linking all charges connected to that address/phone/name/ip lots of other things. I saw a demo and it was incredible, they use data that banks disclose to credit score entities and others. I'm a verified and paypal premier business, in our field of business we are highly susceptible to fraudulent transactions and maxmind doesn't cut it at all. From the webinar I attended and the demoing I went through with IdentityMind I will be able to spot non-friendly fraudsters from a mile away.
  4. I am currently in the process of customizing my nexus to integrate it with IdentityMind's anti fraud software. They have the latest in anti fraud technology, they make maxmind look like nothing. They map the credit card used to find out who it is that is doing the transaction, they map all the chargebacks from the credit card used. They have phone lookup and pin confirmation. I'm attaching their API to see if anyone would like to give a shot to integrate it.