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  1. IPB vs Facebook

    I dont think ipb and facebook, google... can be compare at all, I mean we compare 150 $ of software plus our server /whatever they are/ with few bilions $ worth of facebook or google... What kind of server we will ned to have to alow upload 100 or 1000 of members videos daily? FB, google... they are beast worth billions, is not only software.. is infrastucture behind them what we can not copy or have, well at least I can not. Forums are differents niche, if you wont to imitate fb, google... interaction, conversation, general nonsense usualy with forums I dont think that will work. 99 % of content I see in fb I will bann imideatly, I mean most of content is someone dinner, his/her picture in mirror, and maximum 20 words of content, that made most of facebook content , for me that is BS what I do not wont to see in my site at all.
  2. Just get my gallery upgraded to newest version, is still do not work after upgrade but I open suport ticket regarding those issue. Like any one else I also have same image again and again in featured image, try to use your advice with featured image to show them and change same image but after I check image moderation button find that all my image are featured, I can only unfeature them?? Did I have some issue after upgrade or that is normal, that all my galery images are featured?
  3. strange homepage after logging in

    I had that all the time last 2 days, even open the ticket regarding that issue, when I was loged I saw no forum, when I was guest I saw forum, fixed that with changing pasword. Weird issue
  4. OK this is weird, now again facebook show my old default image? Just published some threads from my forum to facebook and again I saw old default image. How is that posiblle? I removed meta image with my own, 7 days FB show my image and now sudenly reversed to old default image? Dont have a clue how FB can show default image when he is removed. Any one know what is going on?
  5. Fixed this issue, it was my faul.
  6. Dont know is this apropriate thread for my question, hope it is. I replaced meta image by my own logo image but is still showing old logo, replaced him aprox 15-20 days ago and old meta image is still visible? is that facebook issue or I do something wrong?