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  1. Forum Pruner Task

    hello, is a changce to move posts with that to chosen forum ?
  2. Hello please check PM, i cant use your software itś not working... 

  3. Reputation Points per Forum

    thanks usefull.
  4. Auto-Follow Forum

    hi marchr i think its inbuld in 3.4.x ? i have made topic i am foolowing it, i made answer to topics i follow topic.. so its allready in ipb?:]
  5. Imba Adriano, great idea, very helpful! and works like harm tried to debug no bugs!
  6. Total Time Spent On Forums

    i see it in my profile but as admin i cannot see it  in other people. of course all groups i have marked in APC... ?
  7. Reputation Points

    & Method hookReputationMenuBar does not exist in contentMenuBar in /admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php on line 4056
  8. Member Away

    on mobile skin: Method hookMemberAway does not exist in contentMenuBar in /admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php on line 4056  
  9. Global New Topic Button

    any chances for 3.4.X Pete ? 
  10. Members Age in Topics

    Not working on 3.4.X ? could you udpate compatibility? :)
  11. Reputation Points

    Fatal error: Call to a member function listReps() on a non-object in /admin/applications_addon/other/reputationpoints/modules_public/display/list.php on line 119
  12. Show Mobile Status

    Could it also show if someone is on TAPATALK ? 
  13. (NB34) Most Rated Topics

    i Would buy if would be option if it would work for example for X days not for whole time [my board got around 8years ]
  14. Member Away

    thanks. usefull. could also be possibility to set up date od finish for example when someone goes to vacation, and it then will automatically be removed.
  15. Reputation Points

    any chances to set up here to show reputations fora month? because its full time i suppose?