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  1. This is the response I got to a ticket I raised querying why EXIF data was being stripped from image thumbnails in IP.Board. I'd like to see Image Magick available throughout the entire suite, not just in the gallery.
  2. Navigation Links in Image View

    Thanks for taking the time to produce this hook Adriano :)
  3. Importation forum of MyBB ?

    I moved over from myBB over a year ago and the whole process went very well. The only issue was that some of the smiley icon thingies didn't make it across in the translations so I ended up with missing image placeholders instead.
  4. FB meta tag

    I prefer it for aesthetic reasons (prettier, larger buttons and less cluttered) - so it depends that you mean by "better"
  5. FB meta tag

    I don't analyse such things closely so I cannot tell you. I can say that my site runs acceptably fast to me.
  6. FB meta tag

    First, do this. You may even want to stop at that point. Then sign up with AddThis and choose the buttons you want; when you have them, copy and paste the code they provide you with into the Global Templates > shareLinks template for your skin. I remove all code in this template apart from the first two lines and last line (i.e. the parse code and the if block).
  7. FB meta tag

    I replaced the default share buttons with the AddThis ones and it all works fine
  8. Custom Post Message Form

    Check this out: looks like it might be what you need.
  9. ...I should have also added that I would like to be able to show more than one message at a time, too, per user/group.
  10. As per the title... I'd love to be able to put up messages that are global to my site but which a member can close or dismiss once they have read them.
  11. (M34) Guest Message

    Is this going to be updated for 3.3.x?
  12. IP.Gallery 5.0: More Navigation Changes

    The lightbox needs to be tweakable to really round this out well... comments on/off, background colour/opacity, etc..
  13. Gallery 5.0 Goals

    Ok, thanks for the teaser... I would like to see administrators be provided with precise control over image uploads: I want to be able to set limits for file size (in kb) and image size (in pixels - height, width, both, longest edge... just like Adobe Lightroom does it) in combination or independently of each other. Not just maximums but also minimums and fixed values. This is really important when you run an image-centric site and consistency and quality are your bywords. I also want full control over quotas (max number of images per group, user, album, category, etc.). I would also like to see more options for controlling the number and size of images that are created automatically from the original upload... I should be able to specify (e.g.) 5 different sizes and the dimensions (in pixels) and quality settings for each... and have them used dynamically according to device screen size.
  14. 6-Second Skin Maker

    This is a great idea but I think there needs to be more variables to offer finer-grained tuning of the colours. With just 6 variables, I am unable to isolate the clusters of elements I want to tweak - the colour changes affect huge numbers of elements - so I have to resort to diving into the CSS file and tuning the colours line by line. So I guess what I am saying is that 30-ish variables would probably be better than 6.
  15. Thanks for your replies everyone. It looks like IP.Content is the way to go then but I will hold off in case anyone else has a view they wish to share. I love the big thumbnails you've used for your recent articles panel... my community is a photo oriented one so I wonder if I could do the same with forum topics...