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    Looking for a Designer and an App maker for a Gaming community
    Dear Designers and App makers,
    Im looking for someone who can create a nice looking gaming community/clan website design with a nice looking homepage thats made in IP.Pages.
    What I want From the designer,
    IPB 4.x.x Theme With the colors Blue, Black and White.Nice looking homepage with news and other stuff for example, nav bar within the Theme so when you scroll down it follows the screenAnd more I dont know what else just now we can always talk about things and ideas.
    What I want from the app maker,
    If it‘s possible I would like to integrate Teamspeak 3 with our website so for example if I assign a group on the website it would automatically assign it on teamspeak to said user.A Registration / Join clan / Community application page so we can approve for a trail or deny the user from joining after he fills 
    If you want more information contact me with a PM.
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    why its not the same on your screens
    i did the install right