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  1. Newbie

    just curious what your lawyer is saying exactly because getting legal advice has never crossed my mind but I only run a Gaming Clan Site ...
  2. WUZZUP !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Video Hosting off of IP.Gallery

    I use IP Gallery for members to upload media(pictures/videos) of their own and use DEVFUSES Video Systems to link up youtube vids and such, this is it here : just an example that intergrates both direct uploading and linking of videos...
  4. Marketplace App quality and support

    Apparently im a sucker for crappy apps then :smile: !!!!!! I LOVE CRAPPY APPS THAT WORK GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!! I just dont get the point you are trying to make... straight up call out some examples because without that to back your complaint your words are useless and will go on deaf ears. Wouldnt it be nice to not see others get screwed if there really is a problem and get it taken care, I have a feeling this is more about just wanting to complain about not getting help within 5 minutes of posting a problem !!! Everyone has been in a rut and had to wait to get something solved and actually most of the time I get answers way before i expect to and am contiunally surprised by the amount of support and pride coders show for their apps !! I PERSONALLY WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE HERE WHO HAS HELPED OUT OTHER MEMBERS AND LOOK FORWARD TO TURNING TO THE MARKETPLACE AND FORUMS TO GET THE HELP AND ADVICE I NEED ..THANX GUYS !!!!! I think im getting more invested in this conversation than I need to and i appoligize if I am rambling but somethings just arent true and need to be called out as BS.
  5. Marketplace App quality and support

    I have bought quite a few mods/addons and have been happy with the result everytime... before I ever buy anything i always check out the support topics and the forums for any input on the matter... Anytime you are spending money you should always check it all out first, Im curious, which did you not get any support from ??? but i hope you feel better now and not write off the whole marketplace because of a few bad experiences... I must say in the last year I have bought/installed over 50 mods and have only had one that didnt have any support(but i knew it when i got it as it hadnt been updated in a few years), so in my eyes this is a great place to grab stuff from...
  6. An honest opinion - PLEASE

    I am fairly new here, 1 year in, but have found very few mods that have been DEAD....I have found that updates do come out when needed for any of the core addons that have always been there and are great. The few that I have noticed as DEAD were addons that really didnt have much value to begin with and prob just got dropped altogether by the author. Support is great here, I have had a few, what i considered major problems, and they were fixed within a timely fashion. I have never used any of ther other softwares(vbull,etc) but am very happy here and cant think of any reason I would want to leave. As fas us upgrades go on IPB, when one comes out I usually wait until the addons I had purchased and feel are improtant to me, have updated their files to work with the new upgrade, thats just my 2 cents.
  7. Show Me!

    What the heck : www.FortifiedGaming360.com running IP Board with IP Content pages as well as IP Gallery and a media link gallery along with alot of other mods and such... :)
  8. Why do I have 55,000 + views on my profile ??

    1. Eric Allione

      Eric Allione

      Because of 50,000+ noobs like me who want to learn more about the person who answered their question so easily.

    2. FxG Biohazard

      FxG Biohazard

      lol...ahhh... now i get it....

  9. Whats on your mind ?

  10. Control new members with auto-promote

    ahh...thats prob the problem, i just setup all the groups this morning so i just need to wait till they login today...thanx :)...
  11. Control new members with auto-promote

    Im loving this option and am trying to impliment this on my board... I have created a few member groups and turned on auto promote based on time since joined but it doesnt seem to be working, it wont auto promote. Is there something else I need to do beside activiating it on the member groups ?
  12. Copyright removal

    just curious...there is mention of activating the addons(spam service etc). can you please explain that a little more :)
  13. Auto input topic into calendar

    on my site there is a topic where we post up events and was wondering if there was a way to add an option to post it into the calendar without have to manually input it...any help or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated....
  14. Anyone remember BBS(Bulletin Board Systems).... they were around before the internet and required you to call from one modem to another to interact with others...my point is fourms and such have existed even before the internet and will be around well into the future. Theses POPULAR media choises are just fads and wil fade just as fast but Forums will always be around :)
  15. i strive to stay away from social media, my site is driven by members who enjoy playing video games and being on my forums to interat with other members on a more personal level, and aside from youtube, the others dont even exist to me. when you are 30+ years old you will realize what has come and gone and realize that all these social media are just fads, believe it or not they will be replaced sooner or later by newer and more trendy apps. IP Board is an excellent software that will have a niche among forum communities for years to come. AS far as upgrades, changing little things at a time is better then just re hauling the whole system, it allows for tweaks that may or may not work thus allowing them to change directions when needed. I say THANX TO ALL DEVELOPERS OF IP BOARD and its support and I look forward to growing my site through the years with your software :)