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  1. Topics Verifier

    I read your reply a little late but still thank you very very much!
  2. Topics Verifier

    Version 1.0.1


    Topics Verifier is a great tool for moderators and communities with high traffic. Why? Because with this hook moderators can verify a topic so that other moderators know that topic is already checked. This helps a lot when many users post topics. But not every user has good intentions, right? Spammers are many. Also crazy users posting links leading to dangerous sites or malware files. This features would be handy, so that you could keep your forum clean from the bad guys.   How does it work? A verify topic button is showing under the topic title. Press it and a window pops up asking from you to write a note e.g. "this topic is spam, closing it now!" and you could use the lock topic feature so that you don't have to do it with two moves, letting Topics Verifier lock it for you. If you did a mistake you could undo it, or if something's wrong anyway another moderator can press the recheck button to show his presence on the "scene".   Want more? Another useful feature is in Moderator Control Panel > Removed Content (topics). If a topic is deleted permantly you can press clean to remove some leftover (no needed data).   Useful info: The groups that you will select from system settings ... - Will have permissions to verify a topic - Will have permission to close a topic - Will have permission to use the cleaning feature in Moderator Control Panel   .. and finally .. you can select in which forums is the 'Topics Verifier' available.   Hooks is fully translatable.   Thanks.


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  4. A.Phorium