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  1. Free SSL

    It is a very new service and will not be openly available until mid September. The backers (sponsors) are very reputable and there is a hope that this will make the internet a more secure place. There is also talks that are looking to make it so that when a website is HTTP then it will display as non-secure. Currently HTTP displays as neutral and non-secure is a website using HTTPs but has HTTP resources. ( the Lets Encrypt service and the browsers changes on displaying protocol security should see a great increase in websites adopting HTTPs and generally making the internet safer.I do like to see that a sponsor for both these changes is mozilla which shows a true understanding of changes that need to be made when hosting websites. It does come down to us as 'webmasters' to raise the standard and apply the updates when possible. I would not be surprised that once these types of changes are made that hosting companies start to 'offer' fully HTTPs websites are standard.
  2. Looking for forum builders

    The better place to post this would be here: will get the right people looking at it
  3. Free SSL

    Have any of you guys heard of which is hoping to have free SSL for everyone later this year. Just thought that some of you may be interested if you are unwilling to certificate up because of the costs.Something to keep an eye on.
  4. I think what is trying to be said here is that the question you asked is outside of the scope of support. The issue itself is being caused by an external entity and it is obvious that whoever handled your support looked at it enough to find that out, once they had identified that they gave you different options on how to proceed. I get that you are saying it doesn't happen on other platforms and on the IPB3 platform but that does not mean it is an issue with IPB4. It is simply a conflict of software, such as running two antiviruses which both perform scans at the same time and quarantine the same files.When you get a response such as the one you received informing you it is out of their scope you can post here in the community forums asking for assistance and the community can help. Thanks for reading. Now - how do you export the JS and CSS when getting a plugin ready for release? and also is there any documentation on accessing Nodes from the front end?
  5. 3.4 Features missing in 4.0

    ​The editor is WYSIWYG so this is not needed. 
  6. Yeah this sort of thing is up to the webmaster. You could use a CDN to store the image files on servers closer to the users. Leverage caching so that the users only have to load the image once. Implement image optomisation to decrease the size of the image and therefore have it load faster.
  7. Ip.Content question

    I do not know of a way to have the forums on an IP.C page, although that does not mean it's not possible. You would have to have someone more proficient in using IP.C answer that.I am using for the recent posts which allows you to select certain forums to display. I have got two instances of the settings installed however that allow settings per page (simple find and replace on the prefix to allow that). Using this method you could have as many pages with filtered latest posts as you want.The left - middle - right sidebars are all personal preference. You can have any styling or layout you wanted to; the three columns works best for my type of site but a simple edit would take it down to two. 
  8. Ip.Content question

    Not exactly what you are asking for but I use separate landing pages for the main website and the Minecraft section using IP.Content pages and a recent posts sidebar hook.Main landing page: landing page: minecraft section only shows posts from the minecraft section of the forums and it's own theme.
  9. enom integration

    I do not seem to be able to find the enom class in the documentation whereas the cpanel class is there: you link it to me please
  10. enom integration

    I know I am an existing client, but as this is leading on to another license purchase and I want a good reply I am posting here.This query concerns enom integration (as the name suggests), I have a reseller account with them and am wanting to get a store up and running. I was going to set this up with a different website package but then I thought, well I like IPS and I like the software so I will try and stay with it. So. I currently understand that there is existing enom integration but only linked with hosting packages.. I have yet been unable to test this properly though - is there a page detailing the limitations of this? After purchase are there domain management facilities such as contact information and DNS management built in? Are domains purchased through this setup for subscriptions and renewals?Now I would like to use the above as I have spare dedicated server space that I would like to use for hosting. However I would also like to supply the ability to purchase a domain as a singular product. The first thing I thought would be to have a single domain product and then have the option to enter the domain name and the TLD. The problems I have come across are that I cannot figure out how to have a 'custom package field' change the price of the product, so different domains have different costs. The second problem is validating the domain is available for purchase, I see how I can do the renewals using As an additional question, would I need to have my own task to warn clients of an upcoming renewal needed or does IP.Nexus do this?So, I think I am ok setting up a 'domain' package if I have those questions answered. Although, would it be possible that rather than I create this that I could "hook" into the domain package that is used in the default facility when purchasing a domain with a hosting package?.. As I imagine that If I do that I would also not have to worry about doing the renewals myself (depending if the default does that) Apart from that, are their any other hurdles I may encounter when selling domains through IP.Nexus? Are their any API expansions of the enom integration from IP.Nexus 3.4 to 4?Thanks 
  11. SSO
  12. If you want the same content on multiple forums can't you just have an RSS Import? Isn't that what it's for?
  13. Advanced Forum Permissions?

    This already exists. It's the same thing as the Test forum on this website. Use the 'Allow posters to view other member's topics' setting.
  14. IPS Bug Tracker as app

    '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  15. gaming community site questions

    There is an applications system on the marketplace that would probably suit you - has all the features you are asking for with the ability to customise the recruitment questions etc. Can't find the link at the moment but you can search for it. I think it costs a little though. In my community we use a contact form which posts the application to a forum so our admins can vote on it. For the shoutbox you can use: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> and the donations: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> or and.. someone has just posted this before me.. which makes this post a little redundant but as I have written it I'm gonna post it..