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  1. Going to put this out there again to see if anyone since has an idea how I can handle this. Our members once they are "approved" get moved into a member group that does not allow profile edits. We would however like to allow these groups to still be able to edit at a minimum their avatar but really both their avatar and signature. In the member group settings there is a place to mark allow them to edit avatar/sig but these feature seems to be overwritten by the setting to not allow profile edits. Would really love to allow some changes here. Ideally what I would love to see is that fields can be set individually - ie - you can pick and choose what things lock and what things remain open for editing.
  2. hmmm... not sure this does what I want. :/ As Admins once a person's profile is "approved" we move them into a group that does not allow edits to profile. So our users can not make any changes. We want to keep this but allow them just to be able to edit the avatar, signature and about me.. so its not really about seeing these fields its controlling what a user can edit in their profile once approved.
  3. oh?... scurries off to check
  4. yes I am an eternal optimist! Still hoping someone knows a way to lock profiles but still allow a user to edit their avatar, signature and about me page. :)
  5. Still holding out hope that someone will have a solution to this :)
  6. bumping this to see if anyone has perhaps come up with a way. I have been playing with settings and seems like this should be a possibility but cant seem to get any wiggle room. Basically we use it as an approved profile but want users to be able to edit their Ava, Signature and About Me section but not the rest. Any ideas?
  7. We use the profile as an application. So the profile is locked once done so that they cant change it without approval. However we would really like to let them still be able to modify there Avatar and Signatures. Is there any way to do this? Have played with the settings but no matter what do if the profile is locked for the fields, these two are also locked.
  8. Hosted to Full License

    Thanks - that is very helpful.
  9. I was wondering if you have a hosted site on IPS and decide to go to full license on your own server, will the support set up the site on the new server with the content from the existing hosted site? or will you only set up a blank copy of the IPS site?