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  1. LukasGr. added a topic in Product Feedback   

    View Signature: Standard = Active
    Hi guys,
    can I set the "view signature" active as standard condition in the account settings? Some users of our board are complaining about not seeing signatures and explaning them they have to active this feature first is kind of dumb. 
    Please don't get me wrong, I can't even understand how you could miss this setting while changing your own signature but yeah. It happen's and it would be quite helpful if this is turned on as standard and for those who would like to turn it off it's a logic way to search the setting in the signature section of your account settings. 
    Thank you in advance!
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  2. LukasGr. added a post in a topic Pages Database Error   

    Ehm, that works fine if you have installed "TeamSpeak 3" which most PC Gamer have. And that's not the problem I was talking about.
    My problem just refers to the front page (News Section) with the mention links.
  3. LukasGr. added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Pages Database Error
    Hi guys,
    as this is kind of urgent for our community and support is really, really slow atm (opened ticket 3 days ago) I would like to ask you for assistance! 
    Our Website is using pages for game related news about Crowfall (upcoming MMO but doesn't matter). This database is broken in some weird way. We can add entries (articles) via ACP, we see those posts on the front page and have access to the post itself. So far so good, no the bad part:
    All other database related links like category view, pagination, rss feeds, or even the create a new entry via the FronPage is broken displaying the following error: 
    Sorry, there is a problem
    Cannot find the page you requestedError code: 2T187/2
    I don't know what happened as we did not change a single config. We just upgraded to the newest IPS a few days ago. Can't say if the error is coming with the update.
    Funny sidefact.. All other databases (we got two more) are working fine. We can add new objects and even browse them.
    Thank you in advance!
    Edit: I just tried disabling FURL, which allows us to click the links for category, pagnation etc. but I am actually not getting forwarded, instead I am landing on the front page again. But the error message is gone..
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  4. LukasGr. added a comment [4.0.2] + [4.0.3] Pages newspost shows other author in linked forum post   

    Well i guess you crashed your images storages or something, but this bug still exists. happend again today:

    Me - Shiro on my board - posted a new article in pages (which we use for news) and the automated creation of a post in a forum category show me as creator of the topic but the first entry is by another, new user.
  5. LukasGr. added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.2] + [4.0.3] Pages newspost shows other author in linked forum post
    Hi guys,
    since 4.X there is something wrong with the automatically "open a new thread in forum" of new database entries. One of our journalists posts a new article on Pages and we enabled the "Open a thread on forums" feature. He shows up as author in the database entry, but from time to time a completely, randomly different users shows up as author of the Forum post. Or lets say, its a mashup of the original author and a random user. See attached screenshots:

    In this case - the user Torenstahl does not even have the permission to post in this part of the forum. 
    Furthermore, in this case the MYSQL Database looks like this:

    But there is only 1 opening Post, no comments/no further posts. So the database field "starter_name" and "last_post_name" should be the same one i guess?
    And this is the forum_post in MySQL

    Here should be the real author. I guess there is something wrong with the database job.
    +Plus: I manually edited author_name + author_id to display the correct one. The Theme is using the author_id for displaying! 
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  6. LukasGr. added a post in a topic Pages - Breadcrumb for pages   

    I wonder who made the decission going back from the breadcrumbs like in 3.4 and go to a folder hierarchy, which is nice but shouldn't subsitute the parent page.
  7. LukasGr. added a post in a topic Pages - Breadcrumb for pages   

    No one else wishes to have this enabled?! crazy..
  8. LukasGr. added a comment Themes: Manage Resources   

    Okay, so following a detailed description what i did.
    I copied the default theme and just renamed it and added logo images.
    Next i go to "manage resources" and add resources to a new location "XYZ location" and a new folder "XYZ folder".
    And all those images I added are gone with each update + the copied theme is completely crashed. Though, i can activate it an use it (but alle images are gone, so design looks kind of blank..).
    When i try to go to "manage resources" after upgrading.. the site is completley corrupted.
  9. LukasGr. added a post in a topic Pages - Breadcrumb for pages   

    @Tanja I tried, yes.. But it is just creating a folder showing up in the link /foldername/page .. And a folder is a folder and no parent page unfortunately. So the folder can't be filled with text as it is no html page.
  10. LukasGr. added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Pages - Breadcrumb for pages
    Hey guys,
    I don't know for sure, but I can't be the only one looking for this.. We have some overview pages linking to more detailed information pages. And it is kinda weird if the user has to go back to the frontpage, navigating again to the overview page and then go to the next information. Why isn't there a setting to create tier 1 pages or parent page (overview) with the possibility to create a tier 2 or subsidiary page and generate a breadcrumb.. 
    Or is there a possibility to do so and I am just blind.
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  11. LukasGr. added a comment Themes: Manage Resources   

    Upgrade to 4.0.2 - same issues.. opened ticket again!
    Please help / explain so we can prevent this next time we upgrade.. This is getting pretty annoying and we can't find the reason why this crashes all the time! (Request ID 913369)
  12. LukasGr. added a comment [RC6] Twitter tab settings   

    Hm I still got this problem on the final release - thought it would be fixed as g+ auth got fixed aswell.
  13. LukasGr. added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Themes: Manage Resources
    My customized theme based on the standard IPS Theme crashed after upgrading to 4.0.0 today. When I'm trying to check the theme by going to "manage resources" it displays the follwoing error:

    I guess some links crashed or so. Because if I'm copying the broken theme the system first replys with an error, however duplicates the theme and let me "manage resources" then without any error but all the customized media is gone.
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  14. LukasGr. added a comment [RC6] Google Login doesnt work   

    Got the same problem, first i thought i had to connect my Google+ Page with the Project as it showed an error on the credentials tab. But even after connecting them, it won't work. 
  15. LukasGr. added a post in a topic IPB 4.0 Forum   

    I never received a confirmation link e-mail.. Cant re-send it and I won't use another mail adresse.. :( makes me feel sad a little bit!