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  1. Allow the own topic owner moderate their posts.

    Thanks guys, but anyway a suggestion.
  2. I really think this would be a great tool. Certain forums can be more propitious to flame, and if we allow the own owner of the topic moderate their content would facilitate a lot the moderation. What i mean by "moderate their posts" is just allow or deny new posts in their topics.
  3. IP.Board & The Forum Will Be Dead Within 5 Years

    I think the boards will continue having a important role on communities, social medias are for general things, the boards have an important role on specific subjects, like games, tecnology, etc. I think the boards don't must compete with social medias, but can be complemented with that. The social medias today works very fine like RSS. If you have a great content you will work WITH the social medias, not AGAINST.
  4. Two suggestions

    1 - One option that the own forum warn automatically the admin when more then one people use the same IP. 2 - One option that allow the own topic author can approve the posts on their topics.