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  1. recifbox added a post in a topic IP.Content to Pages: the nightmare on IPS Street   

    i think my little text will be read as total negative, but this is just what i get in my mind... i try to stay "positive" but this is very hard at this point of the time
    to be clear, when i have started my journey with my site i have made a choice of products to put online my works, 3 years ... there is some bug or glitch but with time and help including  ips tech helps i have been able to put online contents and forget that behind there is a "complexe software i have learn to use over time".
    when i hear that 4.0 will be around the corner i was very anxious about the amount of works needed to put in this new version to be sure to "at last" get the same experience for my readers on a first basis (same skins, same configuration etc...) but in the same time that was also a possibility to offer new things at the same time.
    then the first beta test go out and permit to upgrade our community and i setup a test environment to see what going on with "migration", the first time the migration to 4.0 and utf8 was good and working, there was bug but possibly fixed in near futur...
    and then i face the page challenge, all was changed, no documentation and a lot of heavy works to learn and try to get the same feeling as my 3.4.x site because my site is built around ip.content.
    here i don't speak about skining effort also to get the same look... and begin to think about "upgrading my skin design" when you have to re learn all the structure...
    so i reseted my test environment and waited a fresh version to make another try... in the middle the final 3.4.8 was out so i patched my live and updated my test. then i decided to put some effort back, because  modules i use was near completion from tier developers that was time to look at this.
    well i was unable to do a correct migration from 3.48 to 4.0.7,4.0.8 and 4.0.9 more surprising utf8 converter have leaded to driver error after converting and modifying the file needed... i was very disapointed... i'm not heavy coder or sys admin but i think i have done an honest job from my side with the help of community here and facing this trouble was very painful and lead me to begin to thing if time and money invested for a "little business" like mine worst it. and finally when i open tickets to submit it i get a no support for test environment and on bug tracker a "open a ticket" ...ook lol... but of course i will not convert my live before my test works 100% with all module and all ready to do not lost my readers
    (ps to conclude this text i have also in the same time asked to community here and invision some realistic quote to get an idea of what will cost me to have the works done correctly ... and learn this new 4.0 in //). 

    side positive note: i use this 4.0 here from the beginning and yes i see the improvement, the good feature etc etc but..
    thenical side note : my gods this is a total reset.. and i'm not sure that lot of people get the level or the time to re-learn all from scratch, perhaps i'm wrong.
  2. recifbox added a post in a topic IP.Content to Pages: the nightmare on IPS Street   

    ps: "and for now the convert to UTF8mb4 of my test site (copy from my live) and the migrating of the 3.4.8 to 4.0.8 in the test environment lead to for utf8mb4 => driver error and for the migration => lot of error code and process not finished... this is puzzling"
    again i don't want this to be seen as free rent, but with long year of using and paying services i'm really surprise that i can't do nothing well from my own side...
  3. recifbox added a post in a topic IP.Content to Pages: the nightmare on IPS Street   

    simple : documentation for the page module like the ip.content that permit to understand well (i'm not coder but i do a lot of works i let you judge it here : ) to get correct informations to handle things to begin the "re-born" and the perhaps futur of my site in 4.0
  4. recifbox added a post in a topic IP.Content to Pages: the nightmare on IPS Street   

    so far, from my pov and as a "old customer", i'm reviewing all option including leaving invision (i compare cost for migrating to 4.0 and migrating to other solution).
    after trying on a beta test environment and not able to "migrate it" completely.
    after having review that all my content need to be re-coded, 
    etc etc... i try to figure out how this 4.0. could be "productive and helpful" for my tiny business without spending 4k$ in coding, skining... 
    side note, the no documentation at release not helping to understand the work to be done and the understanding of page, because this is my biggest concern, my site is build around the old ip.content and this is this part i need to be done at first and with no errors at the release of the upgrade
  5. recifbox added a post in a topic Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   

    they should but not doing it, i get issue here i have reset my dev environment and trying first to convert utf8mb4 after completed it and change file i get a driver error  i open a ticket and they say like it's a "test site" they can't help, so i wait in my corner for a futur release of a new outfit tools to do another try.
    this migration will be very hard at all level.
  6. recifbox added a post in a topic avast out of control ?   

    ok here screenshots of what is installed, as hook ,application ,skin , etc etc... but i doesn't take into account custom modification i have done on some stuff...
    if you think i have forgot something

  7. recifbox added a post in a topic avast out of control ?   

    and to be clear : saying ok 
    and this one also : very strange...
  8. recifbox added a topic in General Chit Chat   

    avast out of control ?
    some users that use avast as an antivirus contacting me for being poped up with this :

    so i have search out in my server, and see nothing as a trojan in ... i have taken care of what is touched by this alert, it's my news pages my home (same page) and classified and the only thing i have changed so fare is a script to permit the rotation of adds : 
    <div style="float:left;width:50%;text-align:center;" id="pubperso"> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> function affiche() { var pub_tab = [ '<a href="" target="_blank" id="pub_1"><img src="" alt=""></a>', '<a href="" target="_blank" id="pub_2"><img src="" alt=""></a>', ]; nombre = Math.floor(Math.random() * pub_tab.length); document.getElementById('pubperso').innerHTML = pub_tab[nombre]; setTimeout("affiche();",10000); } affiche(); </script>i have this code on the same 3 pages reported that the only thing i can see so far
    any idea ?
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  9. recifbox added a post in a topic Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   

    i have find some issue with Database, i need to redo the process s from start to be sure this is not from my side
  10. recifbox added a post in a topic Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   

    i have rolled a copy of my live 3.4.8 and trying to upgrade from this version to and get a lot of error, other have tried from this 3.4.8 ?
  11. recifbox added a review on a file Pack langage FR Suite IPS Communauté 4.0.11 / Forums / Calendar / Downloads / Gallery   

    Merci pour ce travail, quand blog, page et commerce seront fait cela sera parfait!
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  12. recifbox added a topic in Product Feedback   

    best answer 3.4.x vs 4.x
    So something i see as a regress (but not completely :D)
    in 3.4.x we get 3 form of forum type and an option for best answer 

    same screen in 4.x

    in 4.x best answer is now a type of forum so it led to my site were i have activated this feature to be converted as a complete best answer forum type lol, ok reverting the setting is taking 20 minutes not a big issue, but we lose here the ability to get the both system in the same time A forum and a best answer... is this a design choice ? because from my point of view it's not a good choice in a community to have to choose to get best answer type only or forum, is it possible to get the both way as a type and option ?
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  13. recifbox added a topic in Product Feedback   

    ip tchat in 4.02 permission issue
    here something i found i have set correct user permission and application but stay with this in my beta test site :

    any idea ?
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  14. recifbox added a post in a topic 4.0 GOLD!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! How about a promotion?   

    yes go download it
  15. recifbox added a post in a topic 4.0 GOLD!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! How about a promotion?   

    by the way have submit a bug here :