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  1. iArcade IP 4.0

    Arcade was huge on my site. I know the whole "oh flash is dead" movement is still marching to their beat, but there's nothing like a good ol flash game to kill some time.   
  2. Support takes a long time in my experience regardless of it being critical or not, but then again it's all relative.  Glad your issue was resolved.
  3. I agree, the menu options should change on hover and only require one click to select what you want. 
  4. IPS Community Suite 4.1 Update

    You dont often see the reason for delays being that things are going so well. Interesting.
  5. I want my credit back - disagree automatic renewal

    Seems pretty simple to just refund or credit a bit if not all to avoid the poor interactions.. 
  6. shoutbox for ips 4?

    The IF Shoutbox is also a widget and has gotten better with each release. I started with Chatbox but went back to Shoutbox when the bugs were worked out.
  7. shoutbox for 4.0

    Widget makes the most sense to me
  8. How do members delete their accounts?

    I don't delete accounts. I tell them they can simple stop using the account and I will remove personal details if needed. But I like to have their IP on file for all my members as I've had trouble with trolling in the past related to this topic. I also have had many come back regretting they deleted it. So I just keep them all as is with personal information blacked out to the public view.
  9. shoutbox for 4.0

    Simple is great, but we enjoy some features you see commonly is IRC chatrooms as well. 
  10. RC2 Breaks Navigation Menu

    Yeah, after upgrade my pages application isn't showing up and all references to it are broken in languages. Hmmm
  11. ​If you hold your mouse over a topic for a couple seconds a thread preview pops up.
  12. Chat

    I wouldn't be surprised if they just port over the 3.X version of chat. Chat has always been severely neglected by IPS for some reason, so many areas they could improve or directions they could take it. I'm not holding my breath though.
  13. The road to V4 seems neverending.
  14. Is IPB4 stable enough yet?

    My live community is very stable on the latest version. Getting to that point was a bit rough though.
  15. Kinda questionable IPB

    With it being as prominent as that one, I'm sure it'll happen on many boards regardless of any so called encouragement.