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  1. IPS Community Suite 4.1 Update

    You dont often see the reason for delays being that things are going so well. Interesting.
  2. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotion

    Cyber Monday seems like a good day for a Beta 3 release.
  3. 4.0 - Delta Updates

    Less talking, more beta!
  4. 4.0 - Global Sidebar

    I'd prefer to have application specific blocks. If I'm in the Downloads app I don't need to see recent forum posts for example. I hope that option will remain. Nevermind. Answered in second page of comments.
  5. IPS Social Suite (4.0)

    Here's to hoping it doesn't require a complete overhaul to get my current forum working on the new software. Will be waiting for it's release to renew my license, good to hear it's hopefully later this year.
  6. Tagged Data Feeds

    Easy install, works great as described. Working example using static tags (for now) can be seen here under the "Related News" title.
  7. Quiz System

    Skip out on fast food 3 times a year and you can afford this mod.
  8. (DDK33) Instant Notifications

    Does this put any extra strain on a server?
  9. They just want you to break down and buy one their chat packages :P
  10. Why only 5 users for free chat?

    Well of course, you could make it 0, 2, 10 whatever we understand that. But its one of those apps that is iffy on whether or not it's worth the 20 dollars a year for 20 people as the number of chatters fluctuates so drastically on my site, there can be one day with 20, and other days with none. The majority of the days would probably be around 10, so it's not worth it for me. Nor is hosting with IPS as your plans are super expensive and quite limiting in terms of the TOS from what I've read and in my own opinion as compared to other web hosts out there. ChatServe worked great for me because of this, I wasn't forced to add on to the all the money I've already invested in "IP.Suite" + renewal costs which is something that is very important to me as I like many other forum owners are surely not made of money. I don't understand why we as webmasters aren't given the option to host the chat on our own server in the first place. Rather than being forced to pay to use the chat to any real potential, sure it may take resources but so does the forum software in the first place, and its our responsibility to know our limits and whether or not we can afford to host ourselves or use yours. But again, this is just one persons opinion, and in the end I can live without it regardless.
  11. One to One Chat - No Chatroom?

    I think it may have to do with the all the requests and feedback but nothing getting implemented discouraging folks, even a roadmap of planned features would help.
  12. Inviting people for a chat

    agreed, there are plenty of great suggestions and feature requests by clients here, but sadly most are ignored and Chat is definitely the most neglected application of the "suite" Perhaps because they don't make the bulk money off of it?
  13. One to One Chat - No Chatroom?

    On my forums not everyone wants to get onto a 3rd party app like Skype, Facebook, Google, AIM, or whatever to chat, they want to be able to do it when they visit the site and leave and be done with it. Plus if its all integrated into the forums everybody knows who's who and its just much easier overall. There are a few people who share information with their friends to chat outside of the forums but I'm speaking for the majority. That's why our shoutbox is probably the most used feature aside from the forums, and I get requests all the time for some sort of an instant messenger option because the general public doesn't like having to get out of whatever they're doing to go send a PM, I realize it can be "just as fast" as an IM in some cases but its just extra steps they have to take, taking them away from the shoutbox, arcade, gallery, forums or whatever they were doing, when they feel they should just be able to click someones name in the shoutbox, online list or whatever and strike up a real-time personal conversation, like they could in IP.Chat but more streamlined for the entire site. I enjoy IP.Chat as it works well as a sort of messenger in popped out windows, but the pricing is too much for what it has to offer in my opinion with little to no extra features available, however even that wasn't designed for what I think a lot of us would like to see. I believe IPB would benefit from having a cometchat like feature (with the option to regulate & disable of course) with a simple friends list showing who is online and the option to strike up a realtime PM with your friends on the forums. The messenger would remain or possibly be intergrated so that IMs to offline members would go to their PM box just as it does with Facebook. Group chat could the get away with remaining a seperate feature with a chatroom or shoutbox. The main point being if it isn't broke, sure don't fix it, but why not polish and add-on to it? But that's just my .02
  14. Why only 5 users for free chat?

    ChatServe worked fine for me on shared hosting with less than 20 chatters, saved me money too. The problem I have is that it doesn't seem to work with 1.4, although it did great with 1.2. I find the 5 user limit silly myself, at least do 10 imo.
  15. One to One Chat - No Chatroom?

    Well I stand corrected, last I saw that request was denied. Glad to see it will be implemented!