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  1. Alderman added a post in a topic PM or email is sent when subscription is expiring   


    My question is much like the OP's which was not really answered. There is an option to have an email sent when a product/subscription is purchased. What we would like to know is if an option could be added to also email that same list, or a separate list of emails upon a subscription getting expired. This is what is missing.

    However the hacky work around is to use a custom php action and have php sendmail to a defined list. This is what we decided to do. An example for the need was so our Membership Services Department staff and director would be alerted when a member allowed is membership subscription to expire. Some things are still not handled automatically with access etc. (since we have some other systems beyond IPB). The challenge was knowing when one of many members expired so our staff could make the necessary manual changes.
  2. Alderman added a comment on a file (SD33) Calendar Event   

    For English:
    Better to have.
    "Not Attending"
    "Maybe Attending"
    Maybe I will attend is just out of place with the others as well. My 2 cents,
  3. Alderman added a post in a topic Custom Support Package Fields   

    I completely agree, and actually this is how Invision Power has it in their Client Area support section.

    Where can I edit it so that content is moved up there?
  4. Alderman added a comment on a file Read That Topic/Announcement   

    This would be even better if you can create multiple force read rules configurable by group.  Ie.  Set all public users to read one or more selected topics. Then create another rule to force paid users to read certain topics, etc.
  5. Alderman added a comment on a file Database Forms   

    Can you set a permission with this so that those who submit into a particular category can only see their record? I tried doing this with the default permissions on IP.Content databases and you cant do it.
  6. Alderman added a comment on a blog entry IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Fraud Rules   

    Looking forward to this! Also hoping for some better integration and customization with the Donations system. Also having the concept of the SULK addon into IP.Nexus would be a big win.