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  1. Global Forum Message

    We've been using this for awhile now in our forums, and it's worked great for us.  The additional group settings have been especially useful, and Adriano is good people to work with.  Cheers!
  2. Track Members

    We've been employing this hook for quite awhile in our forums, and it's been reliable in all the right places.  Adriano, the developer behind this, is also flexible and great to work with.  The latest update to allow different messages for different groups has been particularly useful for us.  Nice job Adriano.
  3. Global Forum Message

    Many thanks to Adriano for the update!  This vastly expands the hook's functionality for us, which we originally needed for localization purposes, but will definitely be using it as we expand the individual experiences our community's user groups.  Thank you again good sir!