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  1. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

       I second this. Everything here looks great and I am certainly excited (especially after reading great reviews), however the very first thing I began searching for was how to sort them in topic view. Does that already exist under the IPboard's "Custom" sort for this mod? If not, I definitly will be buying if you implement in your next update!   Tracked! :)
  2. Editor Feedback

    What about the members who have not yet posted? I've just been silently reading/watching/waiting for IPS to give us our options back. My editor is completely NOT what I want at the moment and it has proved to be a big pain in the "you know what" since I've upgraded because now I cannot make the changes I want. And because of the recent changes IPS has made, I am very reluctant and probably WILL NOT EVER upgrade again until I've waited a month for more of these 'feedback' topics to pop up for reference. My IPB software will not be upgraded again for a while since I see very little that needs attention, getting fixed. Rather IPS makes changes that many of us aren't concerned about.
  3. New 3.4 quote..

    Spank you.. doing this now. Oh and BTW, the above edit works! Fixed like a charm..
  4. Read that thread, and thanks a lot! It now works with that easy-to-use .zip you guys created for all of us accidental IPS bug finders! Sorry, wasn't aware of the last thread though.. but doesn't matter, lets hope you don't see me again for a while! :)
  5. this isnt working for me i have done alot of looking around trying to turn off alot of different things since this isnt working is there a way to hide from everyone and then create a tab that redirects it to the chat but is only seen by the admins and mods? pretty much the same as the settings but a custom tab that i can set permissions to?
  6. My goal: Show IPchat on my menu bar for only my admins and mod groups. Since I am currently limited to how many users can join IPchat, I do not wish to have it visible to my entire user base. Is this possible?