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  1. Gareth F added a post in a topic Mandrill is very cool!   


    I too have found the Mandrill integration a great addition to my site.
  2. Gareth F added a post in a topic IPS 4.0 Design wishlist   

    I too like many of the features of discourse - especially a focus on posts, rather than categories.
  3. Gareth F added a comment on a file Enhanced List View   

    Thanks for this hook Marcher - it is very useful on our forum where we have lots of events that make the calendar view too cluttered. 
  4. Gareth F added a post in a topic Notification of new events   

    We are going the newsletter route (custom) which sends out a biweekly newsletter that includes upcoming and recently added events along with recent posts and other content. Another suggestion that helps with calendars is an invite system - for those events with RSVP - you can send an invite out to members who can then indicate attendance from their email. We have found this (on a previous forum) to be a highly effective way of getting people interested in the events we are running.
  5. Gareth F added a post in a topic Calendar in mobile skin & mobile apps?   

    I second this. Our calendar is also a central feature and having it in the mobile skin would be fantastic.
  6. Gareth F added a topic in Product Feedback   

    iPhone app not available in Australian itunes store
    Quick suggestion - please make the iphone app available in the Australian itunes store :D
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