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  1. Back To Top

    Excellent app and not as intrusive on mobile devices as others! One query I have is if there is any way to change how far you have to scroll down the page before the button appears?
  2. Customer Feedback

    BIB: The customer is not always right, however the customer is always a customer and it should be best practice to try and keep them as such so they don't end up going elsewhere.
  3. (SB) BacktoTop

    On mobile devices the go to top button appears as a bar along the bottom of the screen, whereas on other devices it appears as a button. Is there any way to have the button appear on mobile devices as well? My members are complaining about conflicts with board functions. Other than that this is an excellent mod!
  4. Change Member Title by Group Setting

    Would you mind sharing?
  5. Change Member Title by Group Setting

    I can't believe after all these years that a per-group setting for this still doesn't exist.
  6. What happened to your Super Mario avatar?

  7. When is it coming back?

    I never even noticed it had gone. I wonder why they removed it?
  8. A Compliment

    Thought I'd take a few minutes out to compliment IPS and the technical support staff for some excellent service I've received this past week. I've been a license holder for 5 years now and in that time it has been very rare that I've had to use support, I've either had no serious issues or any I have had I've been able to fix myself. However since upgrading to 3.0.x I've had two semi-serious problems, one with converting old PMs into the new personal conversation format and the other to do with my IP.Board skin mysteriously getting b0rked. Both problems were dealt with in a timely manner and one in particular was escalated to tier II in an agreeable timeframe. Overall, it's good to know that peace of mind is there if it's ever needed. Well done. :)
  9. IP.Nexus

    I agree with Adam, this is a terrible business decision in my opinion and I'm sure many others would agree. It doesn't say much for IPS' as a software company that after 4 years of development they still can't release the actual product. Not that I was ever going to use Nexus, I'm glad more attention is to be given to IPB. Vaporware is a term that springs to mind.
  10. I came to bring the stars for you..:)

  11. Our next community project: Gallery Uploader Tool

    Stewart has left IPS?