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  1. forum and messages dissapeared

    ​yes, I reloaded all permissions again and nothing. I will install again latest RC and I will show my problem.
  2. forum and messages dissapeared

    I did not log any bug because this is the first time I upgrade to latest 4.0 RC2. I know that all software can have bugs, I am software developer, but, there are some situations that are not posible, like, losing some forums. IMHO.
  3. HI,, after upgrade to latest RC2: 1.- some general sections have dissapeared, only appears two sections while I have 7 sections. 2.-some subforums counter display zero messages while there are some messages.   Please, this is not a RC version, it is a beta version.   I do not recommend upgrade to this version, I am very dissapointed, waiting months to see this very buggy version.   EDIT: I have seen this message in support forum: 1S111/1 Incorrect table definition; there can be only one auto column and it must be defined as a key
  4. transfer to cloud

    HI, I am evaluating to transfer my forum to a cloud, but I have some doubts: 1.- do I have to do it all process myself? or someone from ipb will do this transfer? 2.- when google is indexing site is considered as an active user? 3.- can I have same domain name? thanks.
  5. IP.Tracker, please IPS...

    tralara .. tralariiiii... :sorcerer:
  6. IP.Tracker, please IPS...

    as a developer, I have to say you, better if you dedicate to other things that come in here to say foolish things. :mad:
  7. IP.Tracker, please IPS...

    good morning.... :wub:
  8. IP.Tracker, please IPS...

    sorry for this but I cannot wait to answer it. Release date? :wub:
  9. tag block

    thanks, I didn't find it. :smile:
  10. tag block

    nobody has tags cloud visible in start page?
  11. tag block

    hi, I know I can put tag block visible , but I don't find option to make it visible. where is it? thanks.
  12. IP.Tracker, please IPS...

    ok, but previous version for ipboard 3.2, I have lost it, and I wolud like to download again.
  13. IP.Tracker, please IPS...

    thanks, but i am searching ip tracker for ip board 3.2 but I don't find it, where is it to download? thanks.
  14. IP.Tracker, please IPS...

    please , update ip tracker for ipboard 3.3.1 it's perfect combination for me. greetings
  15. Hi, I have installed ip board in root of domain, but now I want to install it in a subdomain. IS there any problem if I do it? I ask it because update license is assigned to my current domain not to a my subdomain. thanks.