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  1. The admin zone runs VB (therefore is irrelevant in a IPS vs Xenforo argument). Xenforo's site happened to have much older topics aswell as more topics on the subject. This search shows absolutely nothing.
  2. Tier II Support Vacancy

      You may want to ask them about that. They may have put that restriction in because they only wanted certain timezones.  If that's the case then canada might be acceptable. 
  3. 4.0 - Forms

        Not to butt into what seems to be a heated argument but as a mobile developer I can tell you the Interface builders aren't used as much as you think they are.    The Android interface builder is useless. You usually just write your own XML for layouts.      IB on iOS really only saves you time setting the frames of an item, yes it gives you access to some popular properties but not all. Most companies don't even allow the use of nib files because of how difficult they are to resolve merge conflicts in. (OSX is the same way).   RDEs are designed to just make it quick to layout where you want your items to be. A web form is more of a linar layout. You typically don't have forms thrown all over in random places on a page. A drag and drop UI isn't really necessary. 
  4. Is there an iOS App for IPB yet?

    As a developer I always feel there is a huge difference between giving your users just enough to be happy and actually making a good product. Happy user is just meeting minimal expectations. A good product exceeds them.
  5. Is there an iOS App for IPB yet?

    There's a lot more to going native then you might think. It really becomes a project of reinventing the wheel as you are spending hours trying to render complex HTML in an environment that is not meant to render HTML. Many companies like facebook are able to recreate their experience well because the content is composed of short plain text blurbs in a controlled environment. Forums are the complete opposite. They are typically composed of long post. Many of which contain complex HTML layouts. In uncontrolled environments. If you look at almost every native forum application none of them are any good. (including the IPS one). Source: I wrote the IPS one.
  6. consistency in your code.

  7. consistency in your code.

    If everyone used macs this wouldn't be a problem.
  8. Login from desktop application

    If you make a request using a useragent matching the mobile applications you will get an XML response. That said there is no saying how long IPS will keep the XML skin.
  9. I know there is a popup that says something along the lines of "your post has been submitted for moderator review". However, I want to ability to physically be able to see my own entire post, edit it, make changes, what-have-you. I tend to be the kind of person who types the post up, click reply then goes back and proofread. Not to mention the countless times where I post in a thread go back 5 minutes later and can't remember whether I ever actually clicked submit. Yes, I'm dumb. Please cater to my stupidity. :)
  10. Mobile Apps Status

    I wrote the IPB mobile applications. Both the iOS version, and the unreleased Android version.   I've extensively researched this topic.   The IPS applications where a side job that I did in my free time. For a day job I manage a team of mobile developers. I daily need deal with the apple approval process, the fragmentation of Android, and read more articles on user patterns of mobile applications then I could count. Trust me I firmly believe after several months of working on the projects myself that IPS is better off developing a web-based solution and advise them to do so.   Saying that IPS is ignoring mobile solutions is inaccurate, trust me I know first hand Lindy and the rest of management know the significance behind mobile solutions, however, they also know their staff's strengths and weaknesses and are doing what is best for their company. 
  11. Mobile Apps Status

    Web applications that are bookmarked to the homescreen have the ability to strip the url bar and bottom bar.  For example:   A well written web app for IPS would mean the user wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the web app and the mobile app.    These web apps will be made for you site and be completely usable. I'm beginning to think you don't know what IPS means by "web app".
  12. Mobile Apps Status

    The "big players" have a little bit more resources then IPS. Yes, IPS is doing well but mobile development takes about 5x the amount of time it takes to just make a good web application. IPS would need to higher an entire team of developers in order to write native applications that could compete with that of their web app.  Trust me it is very hard to find a mobile developer who can work on both iOS and Android and be familiar with IPS Products. 
  13. Securiry: using auto update by GIT.

    Well technically you would still have pull the code. It wouldn't be automatic.
  14. Love the new avatar ;)

  15. Mikey any chance of ever being able to do this in your bug tracker app?

    1. Mikey

      That'd be WAYYYY complicated due to the nature of tabs, so I'm not sure right now. It'd be nice to do but I can't promise anything.

    2. Brett L

      That's fine i'll just get the app then create an IP.Content page that pulls them out and displays them the way I want.

    3. Mikey

      Okay, thanks for the purchase :)