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  1. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    I bought this app two minutes ago. So I can say: 12.50 USD / 12 months = 1.0416. So you can pay that :)
  2. (LSP) Language Spanish Pack for v3.4

    Es una buena traducción. Si instalas "IP. Nexus" asegúrense de cambiar el nombre de la tienda ya que si no les aparecerá "Tienda ADSLAyuda...". Luego de eso, todo esta Ok. :)
  3. Hello, In my site I got clients of multiples countries. Can Nexus show multiple currencies? Example: See price in currency: - USD - EUR - PLN - PEN - etc.
  4. Luminous by IPS Themes

    Hello, can I add icons to those forums?
  5. IP.Nexus vs Subscription Manager

    Subscriptions manages allows: - View in other currencies IP. Nexus allows: - Allows all but view in other currencies, no.
  6. Easy Pages

  7. Single Use License Keys (SULK)

  8. [IF] IPB Shoutbox