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  1. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    I bought this app two minutes ago. So I can say: 12.50 USD / 12 months = 1.0416. So you can pay that :)
  2. Hello, In my site I got clients of multiples countries. Can Nexus show multiple currencies?Example: See price in currency: - USD - EUR - PLN - PEN - etc.
  3. Luminous by IPS Themes

    Hello, can I add icons to those forums?
  4. IP.Nexus vs Subscription Manager

    Subscriptions manages allows: - View in other currencies IP. Nexus allows: - Allows all but view in other currencies, no.
  5. About currencies, is this possible?

    Hello, I'm from Peru, my currency is "PEN". PEN don't use in Paypal, that isn't accept. I think if these can be add a new update(only suggestion):A option allows you add currencies(Example: USD = 1.00 || PEN = 2.7 x 1 USD = 2.70) When you create a product should add there options: - Price 2. Select price for show(USD or PEN) => If is USD, price should same but If is PEN, price should x2.70 3. Customer can see in other currency with respect a that package(yes, not) That is all, Many thanks.
  6. Single Use License Keys (SULK)

  7. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

  8. Easy Pages