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  1. Too busy with my job : (

  2. The sidebar is a little bit too orange now :P

    1. z1000-forum.de


      don't struggle with coloring up your board too ;-)

    2. Poison Light

      Poison Light

      haha, good releases (:

  3. Need a module to clean HTML

    Maybe you can try something like this (http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/363876-sql-query-syntax-request/#entry2274282). I dont know if you have much different html codes but ok/
  4. Why is my world so busy at the moment : D

  5. Content translation ?

    Yes, you can have multiple languages. This will say more then 1000 words (I dont think actually :lol: )
  6. User Block User

    it is possible to hide that quote :tongue: Well, if the users didn't changed their names
  7. Why am I banned?!

    Maybe a idea for my next hook. Currently busy but maybe after. :P
  8. Why am I banned?!

    There was already a hook for this @ ipb 3.0 from adriano. Search in the marketplace for "reason". But i agree, this should be a built-in function.
  9. User Block User

    Lol just edited my post because im just to busy, but yeah that is also possible :P
  10. User Block User

    I agree with this lol.
  11. FAQ Feature

    I can create a small hook for this in 5 minutes so PM me if you buy IPB and want that.
  12. Approving Member Registration

    System Settings > System > Security and Privacy - Force guests to log in before allowing access to the community - YES - New registration email validation - Admin Validation
  13. IPS really need to edit the rate permissions on paid downloads.

  14. User Block User

  15. Remove ADs from Moderator CP

    Easy to make a hook for this. Will do it tomorrow for you :)