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  1. IPB vs Facebook

    We need to integrate MUCH better with Facebook and offer a near seamless but way superior and more customised experience to the particular community while on our environment.
  2. IPB vs Facebook

    Yep. I believe Facebook dilutes large special interest groups into smaller "tribes" if you will. We may be a dying breed after all.
  3. IPB vs Facebook

    This is a problem. There is no denying it IMO. I am still the #1 auto forum on my area. Still, I am seeing less registrations and I keep seeing my users gravitating towards FB more and more. The # of users logging in daily is lower. The # of posts per user are lower. Even GTR Life (IPB) (formerly NAGTROC) Supraforums (VB) and Corvette Forums (VB) are getting less hits. This is FB related. We may need simpler way for our users to get notified of likes etc on a standalone IPB dedicated phone app. One of the reasons people use FB more is related to their more robust messenger (this is very powerful imo) and proprietary mobile apps.
  4. Executive

    Excellent skin. An exact but dark version would be great.
  5. Revolt

    Everything looks so small and compressed compared to stock skin. Maybe the margins are too wide?
  6. (M34) Sidebar Poll

    Still no 3.3?