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  1. I think it's better to link to PayPal page that has the relevant and correct information? On my PayPal page - in my language - they claim that theres no extra costs.. Also look here https://www.paypal.com/pdn-recurring  
  2. Where did you read that? I missed this thread and after upgrade from 3.4.8 I did not receive any money. Just found out today that PayPal was not working - to bad... Will it be possible to find out which member has tried to buy in my store - ID between 81 and 100 here?
  3. Multiple Chat Rooms

    I read somewhere that the chat suppose to come with a major upgrade in february 2016. I hope thats right. The chat is a major glue in both of my communities.
  4. License expired - or what

    It is a standard license - I will file a ticket then.
  5. License expired - or what

    I had/have a testboard (with a valid license on 4.0) - and the license for that board expired now - no problem. Now I suppose to update that board from 4.013 to 4.1 whatever - and I ran into some problems and suppose to download the full version - but in the download section theres only 3.4.8 Is it on purpose like that?
  6. Does VigLink Work Currently?

    I notice on my site - that when a user try to link to a site about backsacks - gossamergear The link is then linked to another site - using avantlink. - ref picture When I turn off Viglink this is not happening and the link is OK.  This is actually not very good at all. When i put the link here at IPS - the link is OK, but I don't know if they are using Viglink here. Anyway - I will be careful using it anymore  
  7. Who We Are

    Finaly som peace and quiet on my board after upgrade! Everyone hates the activity stream - this could be a lifesaver. Thanks for this - works very well!
  8. Save Article as Draft

    Humm.. Did you manage to get this to work with regular users - not admins? I'm kind of lost looking for the setting so that any users making articles - could hide it until they finally post... I have the permissions and publish settings right as far as I can see..
  9. (NB40) Ads After X Posts

    Works just fine.  I would also like to mention your other file https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7801-nb40-ads-after-x-topics/ in case someone else is looking for something like that. I have found that placing ads in between posts and topics very successful.
  10. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    Thanks for making this file - it works great!
  11. Does VigLink Work Currently?

    I upgraded a week ago to 4.0.13. After upgrade I now notice that the income is down to zero. Viglink API field was empty (in ACP). I hope that enabling that field helps!
  12. Any news about chat?

    I was told in another topic that they planned an update of the chat in February next year.
  13. Forum moderator

    I just like to add a moderator to one single forum. In 3.4.8 that was very easy. Is it an easy  way to do this in 4.0.13?
  14. Permissions for blocks?

    I might misunderstand the question - but can't you give permissions in ACP ?
  15. (NB40) Recent Forum Images (Attachments)

    I really like this addon. The support is also top!  I'm planning to close my Gallery - and this hook makes it easy to display images on the frontpage.