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  1. How do you like Facebooks new Reactions?

    Just saw that Facebook will introduce a new functionality - called Reactions. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35429042#_ga=1.75195354.9185742.1421189968 So now Facebook users are being given new tools in the form of emoticons labelled "love", "haha", "wow", "sad" and "angry" - or they can still just "like". Something for IPS? 
  2. My email adress are banned from IPS sites

    I wrote a ticket. All OK regarding IP and domains. 
  3. My email adress are banned from IPS sites

    Thanks Rhett. It is not because of testing of multiple accounts. It was just because I lost my password on one of my sites and because of several log-in attempts I was thrown out. I had to tell another admin to give me access. This is happening on any new IPS site I'm trying to register on. I use the same email adress all over. This was the third time. I just can't contact each and every admin on those sites telling them I'm human.  You need to look into those spamfilters. I'll send @Morrigan a word by PM
  4. My email adress are banned from IPS sites

    On a travel I struggled signing in on one of my own IPS boards - and after that happened my email adress are permanently banned from signing into any new IPS site. Spamfilter from IPS stop me.... After I finish the sign in process - I just get thrown into a banned group. This happened lately on @-RAW- and @Morrigan site at invisionizer.  So my product feedback is; you need to have a solution so that IF a member (or an admin) happens to come into a spamfilter - it is possible to get whitelisted from spamfilter as well. You might wash your spam email filters with just compare them to client accounts. We are not spammers.  
  5. Whats the waitingtime at IPS - upgrade?

    Last autumn the waiting time at IPS to upgrade was around a week or even more. Have anyone of you lately upgraded from 3.x to 4, and can tell how many days waiting time there is now to get support to upgrade?
  6. What is the point of activity stream?

    +1 - but no matter what we say - it will never return. Only IPS knows why...
  7. Number in statistics

    I could add it to an Excelsheet and have all the statistics there also, but we didn't have to use extra tools for that in 3.4.8. Therefore I wrote this as a feedback to IPS.  The bug i noted was  
  8. Number in statistics

    Well - the daterange is possible - but I'm not looking for something else than the total number of members joined during that period. That was displayed in 3.48 - as mentioned in my first post. Can't see it anywhere there either
  9. Number in statistics

    Right now there is a bug in the statisticspage - already reported - anyway. This is a statistic page from my board - how could I find the total number joined withing that period?
  10. Number in statistics

    I need to find the number of members joining my board during a set period of time - it is not possible in that statisticspage - or is it?
  11. Number in statistics

    In 3.4.8 it was easy to see how many members who has joined in a given period of time. When you set a timeframe - the number who has joined the board came up on the statisticspage. Is it possible to have a functionality like that also in 4.1 ?  
  12. (Calendar) - weeknumber

    No Tag for Calendar - but hope it is still possible to suggest improvements. My community asks if its possible to have weeknumber on the calendar. They often discuss gatherings week so and so - and it is not possible to use the forum calendar when theres no number on the week there.. Thanks
  13. Manage Inactive Members

    We use the Rules application for this now - but this mod was simpler.
  14. Errorlogs in RSS feed

    I have 40+ bloggers feeding into a forum. Once in a while a blogger close his site - and then RSS feed gets an error and stops working. Errorpage look like this., The only way to find out what blog has stopped - is to check each and every one of them. Would it be possible to get some more information into this logs - or have I missed something?
  15. Can we get the old style "View New Content" button back?

    It was part of the core in 4.0.x series - so it should be possible to pull out the stuff needed from an old installation..   Certainly a button - Use default VNC - in ACP should have been a part of the core now also.