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  1. Any news about chat?

    I was told in another topic that they planned an update of the chat in February next year.
  2. Forum moderator

    I just like to add a moderator to one single forum. In 3.4.8 that was very easy. Is it an easy  way to do this in 4.0.13?
  3. Permissions for blocks?

    I might misunderstand the question - but can't you give permissions in ACP ?
  4. (NB40) Recent Forum Images (Attachments)

    I really like this addon. The support is also top!  I'm planning to close my Gallery - and this hook makes it easy to display images on the frontpage.
  5. Mobile Feedback

    I agree to this as well. Here 2 pictures - same posts with mobileskin 3.4.7 and the other in 4.. 
  6. How to get more members interested

    Could you give a tip on how you perform the online interview? I'm planning for something like that with Pages after we convert to 4.0After all - to get a successfull site you need some good content. If you get people to post and write stuff - then traffic is increasing also. If you have a lot of links to other sites - it might be useful to hode the links for guests so that they need to register to see the link
  7. Awww. So many bugs in IPS...

    I have the same white screen of death here after starting upgrade from 3.4.7 to 3.4.8Could you give a hint on how you fixed the errors?
  8. PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff

     I know the saying - "when its ready" - anyway - could you give a closer estimate on the timeframe for the documentation? This month?  
  9. PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff

    Better to split it..:)
  10. Chat or not?

    I agree with @Dorian Gray . Some people like to chat and I have many from the old days - used to IRC - using the chat on the forum. Many still uses IRC also.Anyway - I hope that we will get the ability to have more chatrooms and stuff. More like comet-chat work. I installed Cometchat put my users prefered IP chat. The chat is the main reason that we have a lot of social gatherings outside of the forum - hikingtrips in the mountains and all sorts of lightpacking hiking trips.
  11. PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff

     Just wan't to thank you for sharing - because I have been down the same road. First with IP content in the 3.x series and now with Pages. I had to give up pages myselve and hired a programmer to help me (expensive) - because a portalpage and articlesection is something I have really needed for a long time now. I think that InvisionPower tend to forget that many Webmasters are not programmers. I'm not anyway. I would like to spend my time making content - not code stuff. I hope that the improvements promised by Lindy will help. With the history in mind I'm not so sure. The reason for saying that: I think about IPcontent and the struggle many of us had to get a nice page - and at the same time IP told us it was so easy to use. The fact is that Pages is highly customizable - and the same was IP.content. I would rather have less opportunities and choices - but be able to create a good looking page and nice looking articles without having the programming skills really needed now. Thats really just a basic wish.
  12. I really need the ability to check private chat logs back

    I noticed that the chat in 4.0 and 3.4.x uses the same chatserver  when you append TESTINSTALL to the licensekey. So if you really need this you can install 3.4.8 on your testinstall and read the chatlogs from your main site (from 4.x) the old fashioned way. It is a workaround anyway..
  13. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    @Ryan H. could you give an update on whats the future for this app? 
  14. (M34) Videos System

  15. (BIM34) Hide link and code

    This is the single most important hook on mye site. Since I installed this hook - the registrations on my site increesed fra 4-5 each day to 15-20 new members every day. Much needed for 4.0!