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  1. John Gooding added a post in a topic Add UCP setting: Posts in reverse-chron order   

    We get complaints periodically that posts in a topic are in the wrong order. Half our members want them in chronological order and the other half in reverse-chron. Changing this is an admin function affecting everyone and is not a user preference. People keep harking back to the days when we were on Simple Machines and it was a user preference. Any likelihood that Invision Power will introduce a user preference?
  2. John Gooding added a post in a topic Redirecting merged topics   

    Our forum members get upset when one of our moderators merges a new topic with an existing topic:

    When this happens:
    [*]Someone starts a new topic on a subject with a existing topic already created!!! Grrrrrrr....... :angry: [*]A "new topic alert", which includes a new topic URL, gets fired out to all those members who "follow" that forum. [*]The moderator (correctly) merges the new topic to the already existing topic (because the "new-topic-creating" member couldn't be bothered to see if there was already a relevant topic they could post on) [*]Forum members follow the link in the email alert, which of course goes to a dead end... [*]Irritated forum members send me rude emails!!! :cry:

  3. John Gooding added a post in a topic Merging topics - old url to redirect   

    This is still a problem, I know I'm writing 18 months since the last post in this topic... But there still doesn't seem to be a solution.

    Our forum members are getting upset with our moderators every time they merge topics. We have a newsletter plugin, which fires out URLs of the popular/recent topics, which get broken when the moderators do some simple housekeeping.
  4. John Gooding added a comment on a file Newsletters   

    Excellent, this is exactly what we needed. I'm amazed that there wasn't a newletter function in the standard IPS package. Anyway, this addon works brilliantly, it's well thought out and highly configurable.

    In answer to the two requests for a screenshot of the HTML output: The HTML email is a template which you can edit yourself, as long as you've got a basic understanding of HTML & CSS

    One thing that wasn't mentioned in the blub above is that the newsletter email task is set to run every 10 minutes, and sends a maximum of 50 emails per cycle which means we won't fall fowl of our email limit, which is good!

    Over all... 5-stars... Excellent... Many thanks :)