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  1. IP.Nexus

    Yes, they are automatic and it will use your site email address that you define, you can also define more email addresses to be notified aswell.
  2. Changing domains results in 15 dollar charge?

    You can change your domain twice a year, surely if you are changing it more than that, then something is not right. It rings alarm bells if it keeps changing, but if you havent changed it before its free for you, and then all you have to do is wait another 6months before you can change it again. Very simple and very good practise from IP, to be perfect honest. It extra security for them and gives them as a company piece of mind.
  3. As I have noticed, i think we need more integration with more API Reseller products. E.g. Godaddy allows API Reseller Products, such as Domains, i know we have Enom but not all of us will want the same suppliers, as some other suppliers are cheaper. We also need a function so we can sell say VPS or Dedicated Servers. As currently we have only really got access to sell shared hosting, It be good to have the access, so we can automate alot more of our services. e.g Heart internet VPS Reseller is API controlled. Also i know alot of people have been asking for API Control for Game Panels so they can sell game servers, quick and easily without having to set them up themselves. Or have a Easy API integration feature so we can easily integrate other API features. The more that is automated, the easier the system will become to maintain and also allow quick and flawless setups. Whats your views?
  4. Fake a few members on new boards

    Still one of the best methods to get a board looking active and too attract people in, also sharing these conversations on Social Media is a good way to bring attention to your "Fake" Talking and get people interested in join, if it attracts them enough. Another way you can incise people in is using a paid way, by using PostLoop which basically pays people small amounts to come into your forum and make constructive posts and topics. It can be very good to get activity going but could cost you alot in the long run, if it takes along time to get "Real" members to join up.
  5. IP.Nexus Next Release Features?

    ipb408 - You do know you can set up custom advert locations in IP Nexus?.
  6. IP.Nexus Next Release Features?

    @Colin S. - Agreed, the RMA system would be excellent, with the ability to use it integrated with shipping or where it can be maintained by the admin themselves. I'm glad people can also see these being very good ideas. Also i thought as well, if we could integrate this with account credit or payouts, this could also be a way of tying them together, so e.g. User sends RMA and requests the funds to go into his account online, it could be sent through the RMA system, using say a different code .... RMA00001RFC (RFC = Refund Credit) for example, and once the RMA'ed item is returned and approved, the system releases the money and reports it, either it be to their bank account or user credit on the forums itself. Also the RMA system needs to have the ability to refund the price of the item and with or without the delivery cost, as some companies i know, don't always refund the shipping costs, if the extra feature is there, at least people can decided then, instead of being tidied down to one option.
  7. IP.Nexus Next Release Features?

    Okay, not a problem :) Country Restrictions - Basically have the ability to block certain countries from purchasing products, such as hosting, as you will know certain countries have alot higher spam/virus possibility ratio, e.g. China, Pakistan and so on.. If we had the ability to block or if they are from that country, they get a limited package, which had less features and so on, to minimize the risk of Spam and Viruses being spread, also have the ability to increase their features after, so say we see no suspicious activity for 3 months, we can upgrade them to have all features turned back on. Hosting Settings - Best one for this for example is selling game servers, as cPGS is still in beta, i wouldn't expect this to much but would be nice, but if we could create game servers automatically, this would be an excellent feature (should run exactly like purchasing a hosting account, but instead a game server, and if not cPGS, have it integrate with TCadmin, similar to WHMCS. RMA - For people like me where i sell computer parts and so on, it would be good to have a returns department, where we can issue a RMA number and have it logged in Nexus, so we can keep a track on it, also we can update the status of it and have it public, so the user can keep track of the RMA as well. This way everything is logged. Activity Monitor - Have the ability to set restrictions on the hosting, so say if a user doesn't post or login for 14 days to suspend his account, and after 7 days of this period Terminate the account. This is espically good for Free Hosting Providers, so we don't get our servers clogged up with users that are no longer using our services. I currently run this by a small task, thats run every 12hours and notifies me by email to say which accounts have been suspended. I believe you may have helped me design it awhile back, but if this was built into the system its self, it would feel...lets say... seemless. Buy Features on Listings - For people selling stuff in say a IP.Downloads, Have the ability to buy features, like, Boldness, coloured background... etc... Directory Listing - Would be very similar to the mod that allows you to add websites and business to a listing area, but like Yellow Pages and so on... but be able to sell the space that on them, so people can pay to put there site into your directory. can't think how to describe the other one now... I will add it on shortly. Anyway hope this helps explain, what i mean.
  8. IP.Nexus Next Release Features?

    Thank you mark, some of them where copied from other users, Also what would like to know about the I am happy to explain, but is it all off it or certain bits of that list, that your unsure about? Thanks, Kyle
  9. IP.Nexus Next Release Features?

    Thought i would start as, havent heard anything about what the next IP.Nexus is going to have and look like. I believe IPS needs to look hard into new features, as i have read through a few posts people are looking into the following areas: - County Restrictions for Hosting - Game Server integration for cPanel and TCadmin - A more sophisticated Hosting setup. So say VPS setups, Dedicated Server Management and deployment. - Quotation System, (possibly like CRM) - More permission settings for support. e.g stop guest support tickets, (e.g. support tickets that do not need to associated) - Server Monitoring system that can be outputted to a page for customers to be able to view what servers have faults or if a service is down. - Directory listings - Claim listings - Stock Levels for Custom Package Fields (e.g. red / green / blue tshirts, not all of them will have the same stock level. **Easiest option make a different package) - RMA System - Activity Monitor for Hosting (Report generation) I currently run free hosting and after 14days suspends them. (Task run) - Multiple Currency Support, so you don't have to just have one set currency - Automated Currency Rate set by Geo-Locales (synced with the latest currency conversion rate) - More Payment Gateways, such as Google Checkout, - More Invoice Status or rewording, such as - Suspected Fraud(if user fails the 3d verification or MAX Mind Reports it and cancelled if a user doesn't carry on and failed for an actual general error ..etc also when viewing the invoice it needs to state why it failed or got cancelled or so on. (if it does make it clearer as i probably missed it .eg put a red bar around it, make it stand out why it failed) - Buy features for listings. - Buy username changes and styles (similar to VB) - Support Integration with a Live support client or even IP.Boards on Live Support System to allow us to have a nice front end support system. which will also allow users to talk to the company before purchase as well if departments where integrated from support. **Ones in bold i would say are the most important ones in my eyes and add a great deal of simplicity to eCommerce/Hosting users There is probably many more features people are looking for, and i believe these will really benefit the structure and also the system itself, among users and customers.
  10. Password recovery does not works

    I had this and i submitted a Ticket and they fixed the problem promptly, as i could login to my client area but not the forums. Check to see if you guys can do that to. As it may be a fault with IP.Board itself, or the way they integrate their users. Correct me if im wrong IP.
  11. Is it hard to convert XenForo to IPB?

    There is plenty of guys here to help, and im more than likely happy to try help. Im not massively clued up with XF, but happy to give you a helping hand with the conversion.
  12. Question before reactivating.

    If your using cPanel, just login in to cPanel and then go to subdomains and make a subdomain to be and make it point to the "forums" folder, wahlaa done. will then be accessible via both links you provided.
  13. Custom Support Package Fields

    Please ignore this but i think this is the correct way IP.Nexus should be coded. The message should be the last part of the request. <div id='custom-fields'> </div> <li class='ipsField' id='main-field'> <label class='ipsField_title'>{$this->lang->words['support_message']} <span class='ipsForm_required'>*</span></label> <div class='ipsField_content'> {$editor} {$attachments} </div> </li> This way it looks alot smarter. Screen shot bellow
  14. Custom Support Package Fields

    I have got a problem, i need the message bit to go under the custom support request fields. See attached screen shot: Any ideas? Or can i just edit the code for that specific template, and swap the message bit with the custom fields in the code. Thanks