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  1. Changing domains results in 15 dollar charge?

    You can change your domain twice a year, surely if you are changing it more than that, then something is not right. It rings alarm bells if it keeps changing, but if you havent changed it before its free for you, and then all you have to do is wait another 6months before you can change it again. Very simple and very good practise from IP, to be perfect honest. It extra security for them and gives them as a company piece of mind.
  2. Fake a few members on new boards

    Still one of the best methods to get a board looking active and too attract people in, also sharing these conversations on Social Media is a good way to bring attention to your "Fake" Talking and get people interested in join, if it attracts them enough. Another way you can incise people in is using a paid way, by using PostLoop which basically pays people small amounts to come into your forum and make constructive posts and topics. It can be very good to get activity going but could cost you alot in the long run, if it takes along time to get "Real" members to join up.
  3. Password recovery does not works

    I had this and i submitted a Ticket and they fixed the problem promptly, as i could login to my client area but not the forums. Check to see if you guys can do that to. As it may be a fault with IP.Board itself, or the way they integrate their users. Correct me if im wrong IP.
  4. Is it hard to convert XenForo to IPB?

    There is plenty of guys here to help, and im more than likely happy to try help. Im not massively clued up with XF, but happy to give you a helping hand with the conversion.

    We can do it, used by others here aswell. Happy to be of service.
  6. Question before reactivating.

    If your using cPanel, just login in to cPanel and then go to subdomains and make a subdomain to be and make it point to the "forums" folder, wahlaa done. will then be accessible via both links you provided.
  7. Another Webdesign Completed

  8. Game Servers for sale now at Black Nova

  9. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Selling Domains

    What about Go Daddy API? As they support Reseller as well.
  10. New website design in progress...

  11. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements

    Great stuff cant wait for this to come out, 2 feature i would love to come to this would be a quoting system and also if we could add pacakges to a users profile by ourselves so we can update users purchases in the admin panel. But cant wait this is going to make a lot of differences to my store.
  12. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Store & Billing Enhancements

    Cant wait till this is released absolute god send for my company! Just need a quote system so we can do quotes as well then it will be completed to all specifications!