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  1. IPC Slider

    Can this be done also for IPSuite 4.1.x ? Thank you!
  2. IPS Christmas Special

    Version 1.0.0


    Christmas Special - IPS4 Community Suite Theme Works with: IPS4 Community Suite v4.1.0+ Purchase Content: ReadMe - Information and install instructions file XML File - Theme installation file Theme Images - The images used in the theme Fonts - Fonts used for logo texts PSD's - The logo PSD file to change it to your needs Live Demo: https://www.rostyles.com/forum/theme.php?id=18 Preview: Install Instructions: 1. Buy the style and extract the archive content onto your computer. 2. Follow the instruction from the archive or from Theme Install Instruction topic.   Extras: Brand Free option - With this you can remove the copyright line for 30 Euro Pro Skin Install - With this pack we will install the skin for you for 20 Euro


  3. IPS Community Suite 4.1 Update

    It will. I have already Beta 2 installed and the translation remained. Only new and update phrases appear.
  4. Wrong Refferals link

    Hello Daniel,I was looking for that link and didn't find it at the moment but I have posted here to not forget the issues.Thanks!
  5. Wrong Refferals link

    Please correct the link to referrals in 'Account Credit Settings' Location: /forum/admin/?adsess=.........&app=nexus&module=payments&controller=payouts&do=settingsThanks!
  6. Romanian translation for IPSuite 4:

    Depinde de fiecare server pentru setarea "locale". Poti incerca ro-RO sau sa cauti pe internet ce varianta e necesara pentru serverul tau, sau sa intrebi personalul firmei de gazduire.Alta varianta ar mai fi sa-mi trimiti un PM cu user si pass de la ACP si o sa-ti instalez eu.
  7. roStyles Design LLC

    What we offer: Theme design for IPB3 and/or IPS4 Logo design Installation and/or conversion from any forum software to IPB3 or IPS4 (recommended) Maintenance & Support  
  8. Introducing: IPS Community Suite 4!

    I will say that this version of the new IPS is the most awesome and responsive platform yet. It is indeed somehow expansive to pay on every 6 month but it is indeed a beautiful work done by the developers.I great part (like I was lissened) the translation export and import has been changed and now is working great.I would like to Congratulate the Developers team for their hard work on putting this software together.
  9. IP. Nexus 5.0?

    I guess the reason of this is that, if is a product that will need renewal being a guest you cannot renew as your data are not saved.
  10. IP. Nexus 5.0?

    From looking in the settings it seems indeed that only registering you can purchase items.
  11. Romanian Language Pack IPB3

    Starting with the version uploaded today, v3.4.8 there is also included translation for Downloads and Nexus apps.In the archive there are also the translation files for each pack separatelly if you have problems in installing the main package. Please upload first the Core package if you you the package upload.Enjoy!
  12. Romanian translation for IPSuite 4:

    Version 4.1.4


    Here you find the Romanian language for IPS Community Suite 4 (Aici găsești traducerea în Limba Română pentru IPS Community Suite 4)   Info's: Translation created at roStyles.com Translation phrases: Over 11600 phrases translated Content: System Forums Calendar Chat Commerce Downloads Pages Terms of Usage: Please do report any issues found to be fixed asap Please do not redistribute or re-post this pack elsewhere FAQ:   Q: How can I install the language? A: You can use either instruction from the download or link below. A: IPS4 Language Pack Install Instruction Q: How to upgrade the language? A: You can use either instruction from the download or link below. A: IPS4 Language Pack Update Instruction Q: Having trouble installing the language? A: Sent me a PM with your site link with admin access with password and I will install the language for you (FREE). Demos: https://www.rostyles.com/forum http://www.linkmania.ro/ http://wlg.ro/forum/ http://www.infometin2.ro/ http://forum.morbiden.ro/ http://realitygaming.net/ Translator: Teascu Dorin - Founder of roStyles.com


  13. IPB 4.0 for community in the cloud

    Considering the high quality and not a buggy product I believe that this will not take long. That's my personal opinion.
  14. Romanian Language Pack IPB3

    You're welcome!Cu placere!
  15. Romanian Language Pack IPB3

    This is not a translation made with Google ! It's the best you can get.   Enjoy!