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  1. Come back my friend they've added full api structure now and documents :) Love your work hope you had a great holiday season!

  2. Multiple Chat Rooms

    @Lindy Even in my case where I don't use IPS for hosting?
  3. Multiple Chat Rooms

    lol 6 years to complete hopefully it's the most feature packed chat system on the market.. But not a resource killer.
  4. Villain 4.x // ipsfocus.com

    By far one of my favorite theme's also great support from the developer highly recommend getting theme's from him! Keep up the great work :)
  5. Hey buddy thanks for all your great support and help.. Domain is now active! Keep up the great work!

    1. Rhett


      You're very welcome, and thanks for the feedback! 

  6. Missing Features? IPB 4.1.x

    @Matt  I remeber members had permissions to hide birthday's at there free will or display them. Also on registration having the ability to let people insert there age incase they're "Under Age" Like 13 and under not allowing them to register just tossing these idea's out at you to see what your take is on them. It would be nice to have simple permission things like that in the structure instead of adding more plugins to do it.. 
  7. Missing Features: 1) Ability to hide birthdays / e-mails (From other people viewing) 2) Various group permissions that 3.4.8 had but were removed... I love the performance updates etc.. But Permission set are very important.
  8. Now Hiring: Support

    would love to work for Invision.. Time restricts me unfortunately
  9. Come back and update your apps bro for 4.1 miss your work!

  10. Who Was Online

    Great app but very hard to get support as his website doesn't allow posting or anything it's locked down.
  11. IPS Community Suite 4.1: Upgrade Prep

    Cannot wait for it to be out..  
  12. [DR] Live Streams

    I went to renew the it keeps saying expired  
  13. Maxx 2013: The Smart one

    I bought the 2012 one but I'm hoping those whom have bought your previous theme 2012/2013 can have the 4.0 Version Upgrade for free if not I wasted $20
  14. [HQ] Custom Pages

    Make it so that RAW php can be used please other then that great app.
  15. will you be also supporting Battlefield Hardline too as a option?