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  1. Improving speed

    Hooks are lots, hooks means SQL query, SQL query means time to run the query and time to deliver the results to the client. If SQL server is not so fast, it will lead to some delay on loading the index page! Actually I dont know how much overhead will be needed to run hooks using js. ;)
  2. Improving speed

    Hi, IPB is a great product, but I still see some problems. The one I am going to let you think about is the loading speed of the forum page. It can be speeded up just by letting hooks and plugins be loaded after the main page is loaded. Doing this, users can have the perception of a rapid loading of the page becouse the main content has just been loaded (forums, logo, descriptions). After the page has been displayed, hooks and plugins can query the SQL server to retrieve the information needed to display their "additional" things (like most viewed topics, forums, and so on) What do you think? Thanks