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  1. "i" (More Information) icon next to custom package fields

    Typing stuff into the Name field had its issues, so I'm updating this thread with a much better way to do this, for posterity, and my own reference:Nexus --> viewItem:Find:<label for='f_{$f->id}'><strong>{$f->name}</strong> Insert after:<if test="$f->desc != null"><a id="f_help_{$f->id}" style="cursor: pointer;"><img src="{$this->settings['img_url']}/help.png"/></a></if>Find:<if test="isRequired:|:$f->required"><span class='required'>{$this->lang->words['store_required']}</span></if>Insert below:<script type='text/javascript'> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#f_help_{$f->id}").click(function(){ $("#f_desc_{$f->id}").toggle("slow"); }); }); </script> <p id="f_desc_{$f->id}" style="display: none"> {$f->desc} </p>Nexus_package_fields (mySQL):Insert any html you want into the unused (in 3.4.7 / Nexus 1.5.9) 'cf_desc' column.  Any field that has something in the cf_desc column will display that info, and anything that is null will not!If I only knew how, I'd add a 'Description' field to the custom package fields so that this information could be added directly when creating/updating a custom package field.  It also occurred to me that I could have probably turned this into a hook.  Maybe later.Edit:  Luckily, IPS added this functionality to 4.0.0, so this won't really be necessary for much longer. :)
  2. Commerce > Custom Fields > Custom Input Validation?

    It looks like this was added to custom fields for support requests (or it was already there?), but this would still be an awesome addition to custom package fields!P.S. -  So far so good testing 4.0.0 with a copy of my live site.  I *almost* switched to cs-cart because of missing features like this one, but the complete integration IPS offers is very hard to beat, even in this very early stage.
  3. About Commerce IPS4

    I don't believe #1 is possible, but here is how to do #2:Go to Admin CP --> Members --> Administrators --> Add Administrator if the Admin you want to restrict isn't already on the listEdit the administrator, then go to the Commerce tab and flip the switch for 'Grant access to Commerce?'Here is a quick video demonstration of this:
  4. Beta 8 Upgrade Breaks All Themes

    I encounter the exact same thing, but only when I upgrade from 3.4.6 (copy of my live site, I've repeated this process several times now with the same result).   If I do a clean install of Beta 8 it is fine.Also, I do not use cloudflare or any other sort of CDN service.edit: posted this comment to the tracker.
  5. Hi guys,I've finally had a chance to poke around 4.0 (Beta 6), and was wondering about the possibility of adding Custom Input Validation to custom fields in Commerce (specifically regex), similar to how it is available in custom fields for Pages?e.g. - When creating a new custom field, select Text as the field type, and a new option for Custom Input Validation appears where you can enter the validation criteria.It seems to me there should actually be parity across Commerce and Pages custom field type options, at least as far as things like this, field length, and text formatting are concerned.  I would love to have a custom commerce field automatically converted to upper case once submitted, as well as limited to a certain number of characters and the option of setting a default value!Thanks!
  6. Admin-side Support Request Tagging

    Hi,I think it would be nice to be able to add tags to support requests as a means of tracking common issues.For instance, you could add a tag of 'green t-shirt issue' to any support requests related to green t-shirts missing neck holes or something of the like.This way, once the issue is resolved, all tickets which were tagged 'green t-shirt issue' can be viewed and replied to in an organized manner, without having to keep track of the issues externally.ALTERNATIVELYAdd search functionality specific to Staff Notes.Thanks!
  7. Suggestion: Per-member Tax Classes

    ^ Correct :)
  8. Suggestion: Per-member Tax Classes

    I recently had a situation crop up where a reseller needed to not be charged any tax due to having a valid reseller certificate in the state in which he resides. Unfortunately tax classes are set up per package, so my only option was to temporarily disable the tax class on the package he wanted to order in order to honor his reseller status. I was thinking, it would probably be useful to be able to not only specify which tax class applies to a package, but also which tax class applies to individual users, with the user tax class trumping the one defined on the package. I would imagine this per-user tax class setting would be located on the users Customer Data page, in the Details section. Default setting would likely be 'same as location', with a dropdown to select the alternate tax class. In my particular scenario, I would have created a new tax class for 'All Locations', set the rate to 0%, named the class 'Certified Reseller', then selected it from the dropdown on the users Customer Data page. Just putting this out there. Thanks for reading.
  9. Advanced Forum Permissions?

    ^ indeed. This seems like a commonly overlooked option. I think I once asked Adriano to create a hook that does exactly this, only to discover it was already built into the software. lol
  10. Organize templates more

    Sounds like an idea for a custom skin. Default IPB skin with templates broken down into smaller pieces. globalTemplate would essentially just be a short list of calls to display other templates. Whether it would be more efficient would be debatable though. I think once you get the hang of things its not so difficult to find what you're looking for with the way things are now.
  11. Nexus No Renewals

    Perfect, thanks!
  12. 4.0: Quick Translating

    This is great. Thanks!
  13. 4.0 - IP.Downloads Version Control

    "Done" means it just finished uploading.
  14. "i" (More Information) icon next to custom package fields

    It finally occurred to me to type some html into the 'Name' field of each custom package, and it worked!Here are the steps I took to make this work the way I want it to (although not as "clean" as having it built in to the software mind you):1) Added this code (credit to the original author, though I can't recall where I picked this snippet up) to the very end (Nexus) Payments --> viewItem: <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">// <![CDATA[ function showHideOption1() { var ele = document.getElementById("cf_Option1"); if( == "block") { = "none"; } else { = "block"; } } // ]]></script> 2) Changed the varchar character limit in the table for cf_name from 10 to 10,0003) Entered the following html into the 'Name' field for the 'Option 1' custom package field under Nexus --> Store Settings --> Custom Package Fields Option 1 <img style="position:relative; top:-2px" src = " " onclick = "return showHideOption1();"><div id="cf_Option1" style="display:none;"></br>Description Line 1. </br> Description Line 2.</div> The result is a little "?" icon next to the field titled 'Option 1' which, when clicked, either expands or collapses a description of the field.It'd still be really great if 4.0 came with something similar to this or better!
  15. Suggestion: Submit Later

    Update:"more often than not emails that are addressed to my ticket system don't come through (even when I stagger the send time so they don't all hit the server at once). I'm not sure if theyre not getting piped, or if theyre getting piped but not getting parsed, or if PHP is getting overloaded, but email looks like it is not the answer to my problem."This was resolved by setting:Support Settings --> Attempt to ignore auto responder replies?to NO.Still would love to see this feature in a later version, with options to send at predetermined intervals with the click of a button. e.g. - 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours