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  1. DmitryN added a comment on a file Warnbot   

    3.2.x has the another warning system.
  2. DmitryN added a file in Moderation Tools   

    Warnbot v1.1.1
    This hook add the ‘bot’ that posts messages about warned members in a special topic. Author of these messages can be any member you specified or the one who warns.
    Important: after installation go to the Warning and Moderation settings group (System settings -> Members tab) and specify the topic ID and forum (that includes the topic).
  3. DmitryN added a post in a topic Quoting in IPB 3.4, not satisifed   

    This is what I hate ( :smile:) in new quotes:

    When you try to copy and paste a quote, 'ipsBlockquote' class disappears and this quote loses appearance and not parsed as quote.
  4. DmitryN added a comment on a file Pinposts   

    Now it is updated for 3.4.x.
  5. DmitryN added a file in Moderation Tools   

    Pinposts v1.3.0
    Pinposts allows you to... pin posts in topics to show them before others at avery page of a topic.
    Note: removing the hook removes all information about pinned posts from your database.
    Pinposts also allows you to check whether a post is pinned or not in the post template (Topic View -> post). You can add some custom styles or HTML that way. For instance, let's add a 'pinned' class to the post container:
    Now you can use it in your CSS like so:
    <div class='post_block <if test="pinned:|:$post['post']['_isPinned']">pinned</if>'>[...]</div> .pinned { /* your styles here */ }