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  1. Warnbot

    3.2.x has the another warning system.
  2. Warnbot

    Version 1.1.1


    This hook add the ‘bot’ that posts messages about warned members in a special topic. Author of these messages can be any member you specified or the one who warns.  Important: after installation go to the Warning and Moderation settings group (System settings -> Members tab) and specify the topic ID and forum (that includes the topic).


  3. Quoting in IPB 3.4, not satisifed

    This is what I hate ( :smile:) in new quotes: When you try to copy and paste a quote, 'ipsBlockquote' class disappears and this quote loses appearance and not parsed as quote.
  4. Pinposts

    Now it is updated for 3.4.x.
  5. Pinposts

    Version 1.3.0


    Pinposts allows you to... pin posts in topics to show them before others at avery page of a topic.  Note: removing the hook removes all information about pinned posts from your database.   Pinposts also allows you to check whether a post is pinned or not in the post template (Topic View -> post). You can add some custom styles or HTML that way. For instance, let's add a 'pinned' class to the post container: Now you can use it in your CSS like so: <div class='post_block <if test="pinned:|:$post['post']['_isPinned']">pinned</if>'>[...]</div> .pinned { /* your styles here */ }


  6. Name or Quote in Fast Reply

  7. Member Map

  8. Pinposts

  9. Global Forum Message

  10. New Topic Rules