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  1. you´re right, going too much off-topic.. Thank you very much for your answers and pointing me to a direction.
  2. Michael, thanks for your fast reply. very useful link. i had already found that info.. but no idea how to make use of it :unsure: particulary .. as the data which has to be displayed is stored within a mysql db.. i´d need a way to somehow access this db´s data and then display it. IP.C could come handy because we can make use of user roles. But then again have no idea where to start from there. (cause want to display personal data -for this ember only- and general data -accessible for a whole members group.) i don´t think there is a way to have every user from a specific members group to have personal data imported? Also as a IPB hosted community client i can not add a mysql, as there´s only one db allowed.
  3. Great idea, just searching on similar solutions.. ie: how to integrate charts of personal user data in IP.C (means: a external script has generated some data -can be mysql or csv- from this user.. then giving the user the ability to have that data displayed in IP.C .as a chart) Right now i would vote for google chart api.. as it seems that many coders are getting used to it.. so that maybe the most popular chart tool out there. Would be great to have a plug-in for that in IPB! my research also came up with: ..which seems to be pretty good too.
  4. Members view referral activity

    Thank you for the fast answer!
  5. Members view referral activity

    Dumb question.. but still unable to find it. Where the site admin can see referrals? and their volume/$? Should be anywhere in the ACP, isn´t it? Thanks, T
  6. Exactly. Personally i´d love to see such a simple thing as the wordpress [more...] tag. (eventually automatically inserted after xy words/chars) That really would mean "teaser" to me and would lead to far more regs then any "permission denied" message.
  7. Plain simple but maybe helps: if you just point the standalone domain to a subdomain for your ip board? You´d have all content, logins and license under one hat and peoples still be able to type in the other domain. You may thought of this already.. just wanted to help out
  8. A credits system to earn more money

    Hi there, at first glance it looks like that ib economy points system can do (and probably lot more)link Best, T [EDIT] Nevermind!! -> topic is ~ 1 year old!
  9. Moneybookers Payment Gateway

    How´s the moneybookers gateway doing? Is there a timeframe on when to look for it here again? Best, T
  10. Anyone experience with Nexus? Above requirement are kind of dealbreaker as we´re looking for a new solution (we´re not IPB client yet)
  11. Hi there, wondering if Nexus is capable of doing external database updates. Following situation: Having Nexus setup to process payment and grant access to members-only area. Then we have an application in PHP and MySQL which handles the licensing of members apps. Right now we have to manually update this db uppon member request. Can Nexus have custom fields (like app-username and app-password) Then display form to member where he can update this info himself. If updated by user the Nexus updates external hosted MySQL with new password for that user This license app can be hosted on same host than Nexus.. but i guess that´s not the challenge. Cause if possible at all it will not be that different for calls to same host or outside host. Is Nexus also capable of deleting User from that external DB if payment is failed. Means if payment in Nexus is invalid, refunded, cancelled.. then can call our license app to delete that record. (Same would go for create record once user has payment verified with Nexus Any ideas or pointers? Note: being not a coder.. so API documentation to me reads as it is possible.. but still unsure. Thank you! TM