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  1. twitter login panel

    Very nice!
  2. Nexus buyers auto-register as forum member?

    When someone want to buy something from nexus, they will fist asked to create an account/log in. After that they enter their personal data in nexus (name, address, etc..). Here is the beauty Nexus allows you to set buyers to be upgraded into a new group when they buy a product and also if it is a subscription it down grade them. What I did is as follow: In my forums I renamed members to be Visitors, then adjusted their permissions and only allowed them to post in pre sale forum or test forums while the rest is blocked for them. When they buy my products they are automatically upgraded to a customer rank and gain full access to the forums. If they cancel their subscription or don't renew they get downgraded to ex-customer group which blocks them from most of the forums. In regards to your question i think I gave you a full answer :). The best thing about IPB is the adminCP, almost perfect control over your site.
  3. Does IP.Nexus support customization?

    great thanks
  4. Does IP.Nexus support customization?

    One last thing Since IP.Nexus is already encoded, can I just use IPS hosting form my tests and development? or you think it would limited what we could do?
  5. Does IP.Nexus support customization?

    So it can trigger events? Customer pay, and IP.Nexus trigger access to the online service/script. Also can I create a user panel that controls the service we will offer them after they become customers?
  6. Hello, I'm working with few developers on creating an online service. My question is, can we customize IP.Nexus to our needs? is there any limitation? can we integrate it with a custom built scripts?
  7. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IPS Connect

  8. Video Chat application for IP.Board

  9. (tng34) Custom Profile Field Dropdown

    Awesome mod :). I truly think every community would find this mod really good. 7 Stars out of 5, specially when it is only the initial release.
  10. YubiKey 2 Factor Authentication

    oh wow, if only YubiKey had smart phone application instead of physical device.
  11. 1

    From the album Jos stuff

  12. 8 Years vBulletin / Many Mods

    ^ all what PW posted is true and what he is not sure about is already built in or available in the market place
  13. Migrate/Merge PhPBB/Magento into IP Suite

    Here is what I advice you to do, pay the 10$ for one month hosted IP softwares. Then do the following: 1- Install IP.converge into your IPB boards. 2- Install PHPBB (using the same DB used by IPB because you can't make a new DB on the hosted service they offer). make sure u use sub-domain like www.example.cpm/phpBB3 3- Take a full Back up from your forums Admin Panel under maintenance 4- Upload the back up into the new installed PHPBB3 on the hosted package (it will break the phpbb3 forums but that does not matter) 5- go into IPB and start Converging. I ask you to do this because it is the best way to test for yourself and practice the process . This is exactly what I did and still doing over and over again to make sure I move everything correctly when I finally move my community. You will learn great deal by testing the process. 4-
  14. When will I receive my confirmation?

    Usually they are fast. I just bought mine 30 minutes ago after testing IPB for 3 months now. I want start now but I guess no other option but to wait.
  15. roster

    From the album Jos stuff