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  1. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    Thx for this update Good job!
  2. Auto Reply to PMs

    Nice Mod. I buy this and i like this :)
  3. Version 1.3.10


    Shoutbox 1.3.10 Polish language. This pack is compatible with IP.Board 3.3.x series. Admin panel and public texts are fully translated. -------------------------------------------------- - How to importuot language pack to your forum? - -------------------------------------------------- Login to Admin panel and then go to Look & Feel -> Manage Languages -> Import Language XML attach shoutbox_language_pack.xml file and click import. Patiently wait until language pack is imported. Do not do anything else. --------------------------------------------------------------------- - Language pack cannot be imported. Errors are shown. What do I do? - --------------------------------------------------------------------- It means that you are lacking server resources. ------------------------------------------------ - Which "locale" does Polish language use? - ------------------------------------------------ Use "pl_PL.UTF-8" without the quotes. ----------------------------- - Is everything translated? - ----------------------------- Admin panel and public texts are fully translated.