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  1. cPanel access is crucial

    Will keep bugging you...haha  
  2. cPanel access is crucial

    Any news?
  3. This topic started 6 months ago and nobody from Invision dared to say a single word. Yes, no, whatever.. Does "Product feedback" forum make any sense? Are we talking to a wall? I don't want to sound rude but it sounds like ignoring this topic.
  4. Christmas Lights

    Very cool
  5. Snow

    Very nice. Thank you Would be even nicer if snowflakes looked more like snowflakes
  6. Members Age in Topics

    Any chance for 4.x compatibility?
  7. Profile Fields Style on Post Bit

    I've been doing this manually after each upgrade so thank you Adriano for making my life little bit easier :)
  8. Small discrepancy

    Sidebar widget for topics is named "Recent topics" while posts widget is called just "Posts". To be uniform it should be called "Recent posts".
  9. Snagit..

    I use Snagit all the time and it doesn't depend on any browser. It's an independent program and you should be able to get a screenshot from any portion on your screen. Maybe I'm not getting your question :)
  10. IPS default. I'll report this as a bug then
  11. My last visit here was about 7PM PST last night. I just got here and when I go to "unread content" all it displays is one page: I'm not imagining things.
  12. Posted the above 10 days ago and there is no single comment from IPS staff? Will unread content eventually work or is it some useless option?
  13. cPanel access is crucial

    Thank you :)