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  1. Anyone remember Hivemail?Thats going back to 2002.
  2. Classic.... The logo has been the same for years.
  3. Check out this Adobe Edge Web site.. http://edgekingdom.com/ Has anyone used the product? It's pretty sweet!
  4. which one do you guys think is better?
  5. I'm confused. There are two search boxes... I see now.
  6. There is no search in the marketplace... please add this!
  7. CC declined

    I had my bank on the line, and FINALLY got it through. It's definitely not user friendly, but I know IP.Board is the best.. I remember doing work here when I was teenager many, many years ago... And, it's great to know IP.Board is still the better forum software around
  8. CC declined

    Is there any reason on your end why my CC is getting declined? I've called my bank, and they have it set to authorize, but it's still not going through Thanks!
  9. IP.Content vs Portal

    Okay, great... Thanks!
  10. IP.Content vs Portal

    I understand, but can I make sure the portal page is www.domain.com, and my forums are www.domain.com/forums/?
  11. Which software will allow me to have the main page (www.domain.com) as the front page of the site? Is Portal, the free plugin, able to do this? Thanks!
  12. IP.Subscriptions

    Ian, this is fantastic. Thank you!
  13. IP.Subscriptions

    I'd like to post videos in a private, subscription only forum. I looked around, and it appears IP.Subscriptions can do this. Is there any documentation or demo of this plugin? Thanks for any help. I plan to use paypal.
  14. IP.Board in iPAD

    The nice rhing about the iPad is you don't need many apps... I wish it was 12-inch because the screen shrinks webpages 10% or so to fit the 1024x768 resolution.
  15. iPad Home Screen Thread

    Martin, how do you get the screenshot from your iPad/iPhone to the uploader? I upload via picasa, and then copy the url to imgur