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  1. phenomenon added a comment strange gradient in blogs   

    Nice to see our bugs don't go unnoticed. Not a lot of point having a bug tracker if all we do is list bugs that receive no response.


    A paying customer.
  2. phenomenon added a comment Disabling comments still shows last comment in listing   

    If I removed the files the file checker finds on mine I'd have no board left. :thumbsup:

    If they're invision files then there is no need to worry.
  3. phenomenon added a comment google-code-prettify   

    Thanks for the reply.

    Where would the original report be?


  4. phenomenon added a comment Login issue - iPhone   


    I have put in a ticket for this issue, however I have resolved it myself.

    Because I didn't have an issue with logging in prior to the upgrade - infact I never have had such an issue - I think it was fair if me to summise the upgrade did indeed cause the problem, as it appeared immediately after upgrade.

    Also I would like to add the problems I encountered after assitance - namely the lack of certain rather important files from the forum directory and blog after a new set of source files were uploaded.

    I appreciate this forum is not for assistance, but when a problem arises immediately after upgrade it is almost certainly going to be seen by the site admin as a bug in the new version; especially if it is the first time they have encountered such a problem.