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  1. License renew

    Sounds perfect! 
  2. License renew

    Hi! Maybe this was asking before? But my license expire soon and what happen If I want to renew after It expired? Do the price renew still exist? Or Do I have to pay more becuase It expired?  
  3. Best web hosting

    IPS hosting is too expensive with the disc space. My site contains over 40 gb files so IPS is not the best for sites with big disc space.
  4. Best web hosting

    I´m tired with my host now and wanted to migrate to another. Which web hosting is good? I don´t have so much traffic but I want so fast server as possible.  
  5. Automatic resize preview images in Downloads

    I use Photoshop Image Processor to do this previews. This is not the best solution to have a copy of the preview and the orignal beside each other. Can´t GD2 handle this like the gallery?
  6. I´m running a site that sells Digital Images. I like the way gallery does and resize the source file, and adjust our own size in setting. We talking about 10 000 to 20 000 images. Is there any plan to this in Downloads? The way I have to do now is resize all preview images all the time. Would be perfect to let Downloads do this work for us.
  7. I agree with Adriano! Why did you remove this from Downloads?
  8. Show bot User Agent

    I agree, bring this back!
  9. Force Downloads user to pay with credit

    Ruleset looks promising. But I don't know how It works or how to use It with Downloads and checkout.
  10. I´m running a digital download site with lots of images. When a customer wants to buy one or few of the files Is It very small amount they have to pay. And when customer buy one file and paying with paypal. Paypal take all the money as fee, so my images are free with this solution. Paypal is the in one who getting paid.My suggestion is a setting to force download user to pay with credit in checkout. 
  11. I´ve seen a thread for a time ago with this question, but I can not find It In search.Look at the video explaination.https://www.youtube.com/embed/41c80qZBbcE
  12. I agree here too! If the category not showing any files, why Is It clickable?
  13. I liked this very much. IPS must listened to their customer and continue with It. If more are writing about this they have to take this feature back again.
  14. I don´t know If IPS remove the view from IP Downloads 3.4, where all news from the child (sub) category was showing in the main category. In the new Ip Download there´s nothing now in my Downloads. And the truncate Is overlaping If the letters are too long. 
  15. The new IPS4 is Amazing

    ​The skin have to rebuild for IPS4. If you want to stay with your 3.4 skin in IPS4. Talk with your skin author to convert It.