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  1. Bulk PM

    This is a must have in every board. Thanks Adriano!
  2. Global Site Statistics for users

    All involved members like statistics. There is something like this on IPS 3.4
  3. PHP7 Compatibility

    My site is running php7 since a couple a week ago, and there are no issue so far anywhere.
  4. Search still needs to be a focus

    I can confirmed that It was MySQL that stopped word and fulltext search. My host helped me and all word are now found in search. 1: open my.ini file in mysql 2: place below two line after [mysqld] line in my.ini (search [mysqld] in file) ft_min_word_len=2 ft_stopword_file="" 3: restart your server 4: repair your table using below command > repair table tablename; Rebuild search index in IPS4 Run support to cache. 5: now your search is working....
  5. Search still needs to be a focus

    I got over 11 000 files in Downloads and the search is very bad. Why did ips 3.4 found everything but not the latest version. This is not good at all. I can not find my own files, this is crazy! Bring back a better search because about over 300 files is not found because they have name like: Joe, little, man, big, saw, her, p2, I want an admin answer to this. This must be 1:st priority.
  6. PHP 7.0.0

    It seems to work perfect when I tried.
  7. PHP 7.0.0

    My server has the possibilty to run php7 now. Do this setup work to 4.1.5? php7 and MySQL Version 5.5.41-MariaDB
  8. We cant search 3 letters/less. REALLY?

    I´m not understand the IPS 4 new search. In 3.4 all words was finded, but not now. Search can find word like P2 but not saw or her. I got many files that have the word saw, but search finds nothing If not the word saw has two lines like saw II.  
  9. License renew

    Sounds perfect! 
  10. License renew

    Hi! Maybe this was asking before? But my license expire soon and what happen If I want to renew after It expired? Do the price renew still exist? Or Do I have to pay more becuase It expired?  
  11. Best web hosting

    IPS hosting is too expensive with the disc space. My site contains over 40 gb files so IPS is not the best for sites with big disc space.
  12. Best web hosting

    I´m tired with my host now and wanted to migrate to another. Which web hosting is good? I don´t have so much traffic but I want so fast server as possible.  
  13. Automatic resize preview images in Downloads

    I use Photoshop Image Processor to do this previews. This is not the best solution to have a copy of the preview and the orignal beside each other. Can´t GD2 handle this like the gallery?
  14. I´m running a site that sells Digital Images. I like the way gallery does and resize the source file, and adjust our own size in setting. We talking about 10 000 to 20 000 images. Is there any plan to this in Downloads? The way I have to do now is resize all preview images all the time. Would be perfect to let Downloads do this work for us.
  15. I agree with Adriano! Why did you remove this from Downloads?