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  1. Pandora

    Version 1.2.0


    PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO TIMING CONSTRAINTS ON MY FREE TIME, I AM UNABLE TO PROVIDE ONE-TO-ONE SUPPORT FOR THIS SKIN. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND BEFORE INSTALLING.Pandora is a fresh, clean skin. It utilizes IPS 4.0's skin editing tools for its coloring and provides a modern-looking interface to your community.A demo can be viewed on my personal community website here:, the skin does not work with left-aligned sidebar configurations. I will be looking into fixing this in future versions. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes.


  2. Twitter Callback URL

    The documentation doesn't mention what this URL would be. Any guidance?
  3. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    A simple robots.txt should sort that crawler out :)
  4. Responsive design changes planned for v3.5?

    From what I've seen in the vB5 demo, IP.B is like lightspeed.
  5. thinking of moving from mybb All details are here of what is converted from myBB.
  6. All IPB forums breaching EU law

    <--- In the UK and not complying because it's another ridiculous law to come out of the EU.
  7. Allow Template Logic in Pages

    Shigure, I get what you're saying and I need this as well, either that, or the ability to set new skins per page.
  8. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: FedEx Integration

    Will it also work for FedEx UK?
  9. Sub-domain and multiple skin support?

    I would love to see IP.C support sub-domains. I don't mean installing IP.C on a sub-domain, but kinda like what we have with folders at the moment. So say, could be etc. Another thing is skin support, if you have multiple skins and you want a certain folder/page to have a different look from the rest, this'd be helpful.
  10. fURL Templates for the Client Area!

    Lets just get down to the main point here, fURLs are sexy.
  11. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: More New Support System Features

    Awesome work! I can't wait until this is released [:
  12. fURL Templates for the Client Area!

    Meh, personal preference. Also, ticket support is available to guests so it's also technically available publicly :3
  13. fURL Templates for the Client Area!

    ^This. Plus it looks more professional :3
  14. fURL Templates for the Client Area!

    Should be a quick and painless installation for 1.5, right? I mean things like support should have fURL templates... nothing worse than the god awful ?app=nexus&section=support yada yada. Please and thank you IPS :3
  15. "tree" view

    Personally, the threaded view confuses the hell out of me. I can't use a forum which doesn't use the "flat" look by default. Like all software, IP.Board has to get with the times, which is exactly what they've done by cutting out old extinct features. Saves extra code having to be run and makes your site load faster. I think IPS were right to remove these features. What's the point of keeping them there for an amount of users you can count on one hand?