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  1. Converting from WBB 4.1

    I still have an license for IPB 3.4.6 and I wanted to migrate from WBB 4.1 to this version with the current Converter. It seems to work fine except the Member migration. There I receive the following error:Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'DateTimeZone::__construct() [<a href='datetimezone.--construct'>datetimezone.--construct</a>]: Unknown or bad timezone ()' in /www/htdocs/w0133569/ Stack trace: #0 /www/htdocs/w0133569/ DateTimeZone->__construct('') #1 [internal function]: admin_convert_board_woltlab->convert_members() #2 /www/htdocs/w0133569/ call_user_func(Array) #3 /www/htdocs/w0133569/ admin_convert_board_woltlab->doExecute(Object(ipsRegistry)) #4 /www/htdocs/w0133569/ ipsCommand->execute(Object(ipsRegistry)) #5 /www/htdocs/w0133569/ ipsControll in /www/htdocs/w0133569/ on line 419Is this a known error - any advice how to handle this issue? Are you working on an update for the Converter for WBB 4.1?Thanks for your feedback.
  2. Renewing the license

    Additional question: Access to the support forum is still possible?
  3. Renewing the license

    Thanks for your detailed feedback!
  4. Renewing the license

    I would like to know the following - if I have a valid license and this needs to be renewed for a certain price. How long will this price for the renewal be valid? Do I have to pay immediately and / or will the renewal price in a few weeks / month be the same? What are the consequences for my page not having a "current paid" license (except your support)? Thanks for your feedback!
  5. ....if users would be able to upload photos from mobile devices with a comment in an easy way - of course it should be visible for all others easily, too. This would be exactly what I was asking :) Thanks for your feedback. Are there any plans to establish such a feature?
  6. No idea, no feedback?
  7. Hi, I would like to know if it is planned to add such a feature mentioned above. We have a motorbike community and our bikers like to post photos and comments of their current trip including posting their current location. Would be great if this could be done via mobile style...... Thanks for your feedback!
  8. The Future Of IPB Blog ( 4.0 )

    Formatting the blog including handling images is exactly what my users are extremely missing!
  9. Pokes

    Great app, exactly what a user community needs :)
  10. [Super popular feature request] Suite feed activity

    I would be a great new feature of the new IPS Suite! I am using the Super News Feed for a long time now but a social Software package should have this feature included in our times......
  11. My Events / My Calendar ....

    Any news about the calendar of the future?
  12. (NB34) My Football

    Seems to be a great application - it would be a great enhancement if users could tipp the results of the next games....
  13. My Events / My Calendar ....

    Maybe this could be a good new feature of Suite 4.0?
  14. My 4.0 Community Wishlist

    I am already a customer of this app but I would like to use such an activity stream for all activities of my community.... Nevertheless thanks for your hint....!
  15. My 4.0 Community Wishlist

    I would like to have an activity stream for the community suite like e.g. Facebook does.