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  1. IPB 4 will support php 5.5 ?

    I use php 5.5 and Zend opcache with IPB 3.4.6 and works fine, probably works in 4.0.
  2. My Lumia 800 fouls :(

  3. Why connect my Wireless?

  4. PM Viewer

    Compatible with 3.4?
  5. I agree it would be very helpful
  6. Ah yes had not noticed it
  7. I think that is the active merge posts.
  8. twitter login panel

  9. Client Area Feedback

    I also agree with the part leaving the discounts clearer :)
  10. Support Topic Link After Download File

    Excelent hook
  11. IP Downloads deadpooled?

    Do not have IP Downloads the QA Files
  12. IP Downloads deadpooled?

    it is said that the Client Lounge, honestly have many bugs in Download Manager, such as images not resized when we use links. The IPS could update the IP download, or just make a version fixing the current bug.
  13. Tip: Tab Tickets menu or index in the AdminCP

    Actually would not show purchases. Just show the same tickets.
  14. I think it would be interesting to put IPS access to our support tickets in admin CP. Soon the index, integrating the AdminCP with our account in IPS Client Area. With the ability to answer them even there, thus avoiding out of CP to go to another browser tab to answer a ticket. It would be interesting.