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  1. Xmas Time theme

    Feel free to look on my forum: http://ioscheaters.com/ I'll remove it in a few days.
  2. Tell a Friend

    lol $6.11 Someone was using the paypal calculator :P   Great addon btw! :)
  3. Ads on Posts

    I think Adriano never sleeps
  4. (SD) Affiliates System

    ^^ I agree with them
  5. [CH59] Award Icons - Light Icons

  6. Seems like the good old days of good support are gone. I have asked for my website to be upgraded to 3.4... I did this 2 days ago. I got the usual "please agree" ... I agreed, now it's been 2 days with absolutely no reply. - So I went ahead and made another support thread asking for my forum to be upgraded.. Once more I got the "please agree" and a "Please reply to this ticket to let me know once you have filled those details in." - I replied... it's been a whole day over again.. and no reply. No reply in either of my 2 tickets. This doesn't just go for this ticket.. The support IPB has been offering lately is very bad. If I had the money, I would probably move to Vbulletin or something else. I'm very sad how IPB is managing things. I would rate it 5 start in software, and if possible 0 and a 1/2 stars in customer support.
  7. Disable Right Click And CTRL + C

    :D This is really good! I use it on my website.