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  1. Introducing Projects and Developer Profiles

    Looks great :)
  2. (ZoZ) Rainbow Links

    That's quite cool, but would be great if we could choose which colors to enable, and which colors to disable.
  3. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 4: Special Features

    Regarding the automatic saving feature, I'd just have a question : if the redaction of the message is interrupted because the navigator crashed, or because the computer crashed, it means all the content will get lost, right ? And that wasn't the case with database saving, huh ? Because unfortunately, when a redaction is interrupted, it's often because of that...
  4. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 1: Content

    Honestly looks great. I'm just hoping we will meet no more editor bugs. ;)
  5. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 3: Customisation and BBCode

      Thanks :)
  6. Editor suggestions

    I quite agree...
  7. Editor suggestions

    And do you agree with my ideas ? @Ronald : are you using the latest version of IPB ? It seems that they have been fixing many issues for 3.4.4 :)
  8. Editor suggestions

    Bump ?
  9. IPB, BBCode, and concerns about it's future

    My members already met this bug without HTML enabled... But I'll sure make a bug report if they can reproduce it.
  10. Notifications. Follow instantly improve.

    Okay, thanks :)
  11. IPB, BBCode, and concerns about it's future

    Yup ! I think that's what pisses off my members the most...
  12. Polling improvements please

    I didn't see if it has already been suggested, but please, add the ability to close a poll without closing a topic... (Unless you already did it on 3.4)
  13. Notifications. Follow instantly improve.

    I agree with your idea, Brian. But I don't understand why you mentionned me at the end of your post ? Were you meaning Tile-EXP ?
  14. Notifications. Follow instantly improve.

    So what would you like, more espacially ? The notification list to be updated each time an answer is made, and to delete the previous notification concerning that topic ? Or just that until you haven't seen a notification on a topic that you follow, you don't get notified for further replies ?
  15. I totally agree with the main idea.