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  1. Can IP4 ... ?

    ​That is correct! Thanks for the answer.
  2. Can IP4 ... ?

    Not to hijack, but a question on similar lines. Can Commerce be used for physical goods in the same way as above?
  3. Today I upgraded my forum from 3.4.6 to 3.4.7 to 4.00 RC3. All was well between each upgrade. RC3 upgrade asked me to convert a few tables to UTF8, which was successful. Upgrade showed no errors too. However now, I'm unable to login. Only the top level URLs work. Any help is apprecaited. Thanks!  
  4. 4.0 - IPS Connect

    i understood the cross domain part, but do the installations have to be on the same server. I know that was a 3.x requirement.
  5. Classifieds

    Will there be an update in the near future? The support topic is locked and there have been no updates since dec 2011.
  6. Classifieds

    Hi Andy, could you give us a small update on the new version you are working on? Is it coming soon? Thanks!
  7. Topic Thumbnail for IPB 3.x

    I also wish it were set at a fixed price. Makes it more appealing.