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  1. Can`t Paste adsense code in Nexus, when adding a description. When pasting Google code It doesnt show the Advertising in the community Instead of the whole Adsense Google code. So it changes the code and it doesnt show the Banner in The Comunity fOrum So please people: Make it work
  2. Hello: When you paste a Url from a topic in facebook, it appears always The logo of your web site. Not apears the Picture of the topic. If you paste 5 topics it appears 5 topics but with same 5 pictures. Horrible
  3. Innovation

    Wish i had more money to pay you as deserve
  4. Wordpress/IPB merge

    Man what solution can we have
  5. Nexus Samples

    I mean a example examples of what people have done with that. Like real examples, becaouse alway Nexus will be better for us but it`s hard to do what creator do with their apps. Att: normal member. Just to get ideas, from somewhere else wopuld be good good
  6. Nexus Samples

    I would like to know if there are Nexus samples, working online, actually, to see what they have added, and take some ideas before a purchase. Like a list of Nexus sites, for everyone to see. Lets build a list so everybody can see easily some samples before buying, because you cannot find any by finding searching with the "Nexus samples" word in the search bar.
  7. Innovation