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  1. Ebay new design

    Ok, but is it ok if you make it like Ebay?
  2. Ebay new design

    When you make edit work
  3. Ebay new design

    So when the Upload begins It get deleted
  4. Ebay new design

    Please can You make the design like The distribution of the content as well. With bigger pictur?
  5. Can`t Paste adsense code in Nexus, when adding a description.When pasting Google code It doesnt show the Advertising in the community Instead of the whole Adsense Google code.So it changes the code and it doesnt show the Banner in The Comunity fOrum So please people: Make it work
  6. All the colum for Shopping Cart

    Can you place the info of: Shopping Cart Your cart is empty right now some where else where it doesn`t take such a big space for only that information. Instead to give extra space for more products in the same page and Please bigger pictures options and please title atributes for the Store
  7. Hello: When you paste a Url from a topic in facebook, it appears always The logo of your web site. Not apears the Picture of the topic. If you paste 5 topics it appears 5 topics but with same 5 pictures. Horrible
  8. Innovation

    Wish i had more money to pay you as deserve
  9. Nexus > Paypal Express

    But the idea is to get a payment plataform that accepts credit card inside the store without going to an external page. Pyapal, as they told me in the phone call allows the user also to go to thir page by a button. It would be great to have that. Actually they have it with Paypal pro in IPS, but with Paypal express you can do the same withpou living in the USA, United kingdom or Canada.
  10. Nexus > Paypal Express

    But inside the store? is what i mean, the have Paypal express where you can make the payments inside the store without going to their page, his externa page, and they can give th option in "your" page to go to their page if you have an account with them. IOtalekd to them i few hours ago and itsw posible for people that dont leave in the United States, Unided Kingdom or Canada.through an API
  11. Nexus > Paypal Express

    Man this is to give ideas, you like the idea?
  12. Nexus > Paypal Express

    As i said it would be nice to be implemented in the control panel. I don`t know hot to open it
  13. Nexus > Paypal Express

    Why dont we implement a way to include a Paypal payment method inside the Store. Nexus store. Is called Paypal express, and all you need is to change to Paypal Business, from Profesional and from the normal one. I mean, if you just opened an account with Paypal you have to change to profesional and then to business. And it`s so easy, you dont have to follow hard steps, just read fields and fill them up. It would be great for users that cannot leave in the USa, United Kingdom or Canada and cannot have Paypal pro. Why dont we have PAypal express then.Please create a gateway to do this. Is so easy to ask for an API but we dont have knoledge to do this without you coding, without the code and to fill form fields it`s very hard and complicated. (With Paypal Business you can even have the name of your business instead of your own)
  14. Nexus > uploading images - multipli

    In Chrome the drag and drop option from the localhost to the step 2 add image field directly doesnt work
  15. Nexus> Packages > Edit Package / add image It good be nice to select all the images from local and upload them all at the same time. One by one gets some times a hard job that maybe you with a little bit of code could fix.