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  1. SpaceBound -- A Full IP.Content/Forum experience

    Cant wait to see this update!
  2. (CGN) After War

    Your drop down menus are still IPB Default blue, You may want to change that, but overall a good skin.
  3. Calendar moderators

    I support this! I think there needs to be more options and abilities with moderator, global mod, and admin.
  4. Notification of new events

    I do think there should be an autonotification in the notifications area of an upcomming event, not talking about the hook in the forums itself. Also I think we should be able to mass message to people on the board based on usergroups and or all. instead of just 6 or 7.
  5. Tournaments

    Will there be an update for 3.3?
  6. Demo Problem

    also if I have a Ip board license do I have to get a hsoting plan aswell?
  7. Demo Problem

    So i got the email and clicked the link but now what? I cant seem to find the demo anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  8. Ok i'll start off by sharing some background info on where I am coming from. I run and operate a multi platform gaming community. For a long time now we have run on a basic and I mean VERY BASIC website host called enjin.com We have purchased our domain name and currently use it with that host. However we are now looking to upgrade our services and be able to control our website more. We plan on using a website host and maker which is hostgator.com And so here are my questions- Would we be able to have a single sign in between our site on hostgator and the ip forum we would be making. Or are we required to buy the ip board license in order to do that? Do we have control over our members on the forum, can we change their names if needed and can a member be apart of multiple usergroups? These are my questions for now, but i can say thus far IP board is looking to be our best bet for forum software. Thank you for your time.