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  1. JavaScript-based Snowflake for your skins

    [quote name='highlanderc' timestamp='1324917120'] where in the skin set we put this? Go to AdminCP --> Look and Feel --> _SKIN_ --> globalTemplate. Scroll all the way down and put it in between the </body> and </html> tags.
  2. It is possible to put a homepage on the forum?

    That can DEFINATELY be done! If what you mean is if you can change the forums page to, and use as a home page, it can be done. If you would like me to go into further detail, please PM me.
  3. Changing Domain

    You should be able to just copy the files over via FTP. Your '' account will need a hosting service though. I use godaddy, with hosting.
  4. HELP NEEDED: Best Forum Software?

    In My opinion, IP.Board is the best you can get with forum boards. --It has TONS of add-ons from the Marketplace, IP.Board also has the best price options I have seen anywhere. --IP.Board, again, is a really nice, easy to use, stable forum board. --I am not sure what you mean with freeware or a full paid software, if you are referring to another board, you should probably get a license (paid) to have full technical support, and so your site will not get shut down. --IP.Board again, (in my opinion) because they have a lot of FREE applications, skins, etc. It is a more widely known Forum Board. It is EXTREMELY EASY to use for Administrators. --I use IP.Board because it is on almost every forum board I am ever on. It is easy to use, it has GREAT pricing plans (as low as $5 a month!) --I plan on STAYING with IP.Board because I am accustomed to it and am becoming really good with it. I appreciate you wanting to buy an IP.Board plan. Hope it works out well for you!